How to Collect Stardust / Pokemon Go Tips for Collecting Stardust

What is Stardust?

Stardust is received whenever you catch a new Pokemon. You get 100 stardust whenever you catch a Pokemon. You can use Stardust to power up and Pokemon or evolve it. There really aren't any cheats, glitches or hacks for Pokemon Go stardust so here are some tips.

Tip 1. Sit near Pokestops with lures on them.

You can sit at Pokestops with lures on them and repeatedly catch Pokemon that way. Try a local park? Each Pokemon caught gives you 100 Stardust.

Tip 2. Collect free stardust from the shop.

Every 20 hours or so you can head over to the shop and click a shield in the top right corner of your screen to collect free stardust and even some free Pokecoins! 

To collect this prize you must have a Pokemon defending a gym. Which basically just means, place a bunch of your Pokemon in as many gyms as you can and you will receive 500 stardust for each Pokemon placed.

Touch Pok├ęball to Start

Pokecoins Generator for Pokemon Go

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