Pokemon Go: Should You Power Up a Pokemon Before Evolving It?

Many of you may be wondering the question, "Should I power up my pokemon before evolving it? Does it make a difference? Should I wait? What is the benefit of waiting?".

There is a white meter above your Pokemon that shows you how far you can actually power up that Pokemon. The higher your level is the farther it lets you power it up, but should we really power up our Pokemon before they have evolved?

First off, it should be known that powering up Pokemon before being level 20 is a huge waste and here's why! It's very simple; I have this CP 577 Clefairy and power it up to CP 700. The next day I come across a CP 800 Clefairy. This means I just lost a TON of stardust leveling up my Clefairy the day before and now I just found one with a higher CP.

Conclusion: Don't power up anything before level 20. Just evolve your Pokemon, further your Pokedex count and be patient.

As we all know, each time you power up a Pokemon the CP goes up a bit. Well, I discovered that a CP 180 Pidgey will only go up +9 CP yet when I evolved the exact same Pidgey and then powered it up, the CP increased by +25 CP! The stardust cost stayed the same but the CP increase was higher. That's something to think about.

Conclusion: Powering up an evolved Pokemon means a higher amount of CP per power up.

Truth be told I have even made the mistake of powering up a CP 600 Arbok only to find a CP 750 Arbok two days later. I was around level 13 and I regret all of the stardust I lost. Not to mention we're talking about an evolved Pokemon.

Also, a Pokemon Go player on Reddit pointed out that if you power up a Pokemon and evolve it, you might end up with an evolved Pokemon with the moveset you don't want (example: Vaporeon with Aqua Tail instead of Hydro Pump).

Be sure to leave a comment if you have anymore info on this subject. All of us Pokemon Go players would really appreciate your help.

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