The Best Pokemon on Pokemon Go Hacks (July 2016)

In this post I'll be sharing which Pokemon I consider to be the best. So far we only have generation one Pokemon but there are still a few that seem to be quite powerful, strong or ideal and efficient. This list really isn't in any particular order so just keep that in mind.

1. Chansey

Chansey is not really known to dish out much damage in Pokemon Go but what she is known for is being tanky and having tons of HP. I currently have a 191 CP Chansey and it currently have 222 HP. Compare that to one of your level 1000 CP+ Pokemon and my Chansey will most likely have more health. Definitely play around with Chansey but you might as well strive to get the other tanks such as Lapras, Wigglytuff and Snorlax.

2. Kabutops

Now I actually didn't expect this Pokemon to be very good but it actually is believe it or not. This Pokemon attacks really fast and its basic attack is really strong. Go ahead and try and Kabutops in a gym and see the attacking speed.

3. Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon

Okay so these three Pokemon are obviously the three first generation evolutions of Eevee and let me tell you; they're strong. They all have a pretty good basic attack and they attack really fast. Let's not forget about their special moves like fireblast, thunder bold and hydro pump. All three of those moves are great and do a bunch of damage.

Usually when you evolve an Eevee, even at a low combat power, it evolves to at least 900+. This is really good for people who are just starting this game. Another thing to mention is that Eevee only needs 25 Eevee candies to evolve.

Here's a trick: Did you know you can actually decide which Pokemon Eevee evolves into? To do this you must nickname the Eevee one of the nicknames that were given to the three evolutions in the actual Pokemon show. For a Jolteon give Eevee the nickname Sparky. For a Vaporeon give the Eevee the nickname Rainer. For a Flareon give the Eevee the nickname Pyro.

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