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jarek wilkiewicz: hello,and welcome to youtube developers live. we have a very excitingshow for you today. in fact, it's a littlemore exciting than what we expected. we are having a special guestjoining us from helsinki. his name is jussi laakkonen. and he's the founder andceo of applifier. how are you doing, jussi?

jussi laakkonen: i'mdoing very well. thanks for havingme on the show. jarek wilkiewicz: thankyou for staying late. i know it's late herenow in helsinki. but we are very honored to haveyou on our show because i understand that the nordiccountries is where the action is in mobile nowadays. is that true? jussi laakkonen: well, there'sdefinitely a lot of excitement

in the area. you have companies like rovio,supercell, king, and a number of others that are creatinggreat games in the region and certainly kind of a breakout, if you will. think of a region of just15 million or so people. and basically, all the topgrossing spots on ios are being covered by nordic games. so it's a great time to behere working on games. jarek wilkiewicz: great.

so it's a great segueto my next question. how did you come up withthe idea behind everyplay and applifier? jussi laakkonen: well jarek, iasked myself, how do i find games for our mobile device? and, of course, i cango to the app store. but it's pretty crowded. and it's kind of createdby somebody else. and when i really thoughtabout it, the answer was

pretty obvious that the bestgames i ever found came through a friend. i ask a friend. a friend tells me. or even better, afriend shows me. this is how i discovered a gamecalled flight control like three years ago. and i'm still playing thatgame after three years. jarek wilkiewicz: oh, great.

jussi laakkonen: but thechallenge with having a friend pick up an iphone and say like,hey jussi, you really got to play this game, is that iactually need to meet you in order to see that. so everyplay is really abouttaking that moment, oh gee, this game rocks. i want to show everyone. or i'm doing so wellin this game. look at me.

and taking that moment andmaking it shareable by posting it online. so that's what everyplayreally is. it's about digitizing word ofmouth and making it shareable. jarek wilkiewicz: sotraditionally, this type of sharing use case has alreadybeen done in console games and pc games. we have a lot of that typeof content on youtube. it's extremely popular.

so how is mobile different? jussi laakkonen: mobileis different in a good number of ways. first of all, these devices areconsiderably lower power than your average high-endpc gaming rig. on a pc, you have quite a lotof horsepower to spare for video recording. whereas on a mobile device, it'sactually a pretty hard engineering problem tomake it go fast.

also what's very different frompc is that on a pc you can actually download a separatesoftware, like fraps, to record another software. whereas on an iosand android, the applications are sandboxed. what this means is that anotherapplication cannot access the contents ofanother application. so you actually cannot havea general purpose screen casting tool.

instead, what we do is weprovide an sdk that's easily integrated into the games andprovides a seamless instant replay and sharing solution. jarek wilkiewicz: i see. so is it fair to say that formost of the pc titles today, the videos that we see onyoutube are basically captured using third party software,edited locally, and then uploaded to youtube? whereas with mobile, the wayforward is to really

incorporate this functionalitydirectly into the game? jussi laakkonen: that'sabsolutely true. and it's a function of thelimitations or say restrictions and protectionsof the ios and android operating systems. and also i think what'sinteresting, as you mentioned, it's very popular. let's play videos arehugely popular. and walkthroughs as well asreviews by user are extremely

influential on youtube. and what that really speaks tois that even though making of these videos is not trivial, youneed to have the software. you need to record and editseparately and then upload. there's a lot of peopledoing it. and what we are aiming to do formobile is to simplify this by making it a completelytransparent part of the game. so you play the game. and you get a replay.

you don't think about that, oh,i need a tool for this. or i want to do a replay. instead, you just get it. and you can easily shareit or comment on it or put it out to youtube. and i think that's really goingto unlock a number of creators that would not havedone it on pc because the tools were too complicated. so the discover use case anddistribution use case is

definitely very important. and i can totally see how thisis going to help mobile game developers. so maybe we should switch gearsnow and have you show us a little bit more aboutyour product. jussi laakkonen: definitely. so let's jump into a screenshare from my iphone 5. and hopefully thiscomes through. so i'm going to show youa demo of a very

high-end unity 4 game. and i apologize in advance thatthis is going to be a little choppy over hangout. this actually runsat 30 frames per second on my device. so right now we are not yetrecording this game. and as i tap this button, we arenow recording this game. and there's actually zerodifference on the frame rate on this game.

and we cannot really see it onthis live hangout because of the way hangouts work. but i encourage you togo to to see it for yourself. so i'm going to stop therecording now and open up our editor user interface. so the editor here shows thereplay that was just captured. and we can even comment onthat by adding a forward facing camera that actuallyshows me.

so this is [inaudible]. i'm in a hangout that showsme from my iphone airplay to the hangout. so this is ability for us to adda video commentary by the player himself into thegame he's playing. it's actually very excitingbecause that takes the video of the game play intoa personal story. so this here was unity. we also work with a numberof game engines.

you can use everyplay withcocoas a custom engine. and most recently we've actuallyadded support for even unreal engine. and unfortunately, i don't havethe demo for an unreal engine game on my phone. but instead, i want to show youa very popular game right now called nimble quest. and nimble quest is made by acompany called nimblebit who are best known for games liketiny towers and pocket planes.

they are a small studio out ofsan diego where they've been extremely successful. and this is their latest gamethat was featured by apple and is out today actuallyon android. so you should get it fromthe google play store. so this game plays a little likethe original snake game. and this may be a littlesmall on the screen. but what happens here is thati'm controlling this snake made out of my heroes.

and i'm trying to killthe monsters. and as i move around, this gameis actually capturing the replay as it happens. so there is no action theuser needs to take. instead, the capture isdone automatically. and now, just for the purposeof this demo, i'm going to kill my snake and diehere miserably. and you can see on the topleft-hand corner, there's a button called share replay.

and this is the replay of thegame play we just created. so it was captured in thebackground while the game played without performanceimpact. and now as the user, i caneasily share this with my friends and other game playersthrough everyplay. so we're going to do thatnow live on air. so i'm tapping onshare replay. and this opens up everyplay. and this is the share screen.

so we're going to givethis a title. let's say youtube developerlive on air. and let's use a hashtag toorganize this contact. we'll call it jarek becausethis is a fan to be there for jarek. and we're going to share it tofacebook, twitter, youtube. i'm not going to send this in anemail because you all know how email sharing works. but we'll see it being sharedto all distributed networks.

so i'm going to tap on share. and what happens is that theupload starts in the background. and now i can shareit to facebook. and i'm going to share thispublicly on facebook. and we can post it. and we're going to send it outas a tweet, going live on air right now. and because i was alreadyconnected to youtube, this

actually has been uploadedto youtube also. so right now we're looking ateveryplay's social interface. so this is me on everyplay. we use a nickname system withthe follower paradigm. so here are people i'm followingwho follow me. and here's my previousactions. so i'm going to go out anddemonstrate a little bit about everyplay's social functions asthe video is being encoded on our servers.

so this here is my homefeed, people i follow, and their actions. so i can see the replaysfrom cool games that they're playing. so let's find out somethinginteresting here. let's see. ok, here's a bmx game. so let's check out this game. so we're currently streaming itdown from our servers and

then playing back on my iphoneand then playing back to you over the hangout. so here's a bmx game. this was captured by anotherplayer, shared on everyplay, potentially facebook, twitter,and youtube. and we can see the game playright here on everyplay. and we provide a number ofsocial functions like ability to comment. and so that's my comment.

i misspelled it nicely. you can obviously like videos. you can re-share videos. so if you find something cool, icould re-share it to youtube under my own account. and obviously, because everybodyis geared towards discovering content, we alsoprovide an app store but on a straight beam socialinterface. and you can just install thegame that you've discovered

straight through everyplay. and also for game developers whoprovide an ability to do community management througheveryplay, so this is the games community managementpage. all the videos that have everbeen shared from this game are visible here. and the community manager ofthis game could also re-share these videos to youtubeor facebook or twitter, for that matter.

so everyplay provides basicallya fully flexed social infrastructure aroundmobile gaming and is geared towards connecting the fansof the games together. so why don't we now see if myvideo has completed encoding. so here's the video thatwe just uploaded. let's see if it'sbeen encoded. there we go. so it's been encoded. and we can see it's youtubedevelopers live

on air hashtag jarek. and we are now streaming it downfrom our servers to play it back on this device. and here it goes. so this is the capturewe just did. we uploaded while we talked. and it's now live, available foranybody to check out why this game is cool. and as you may recall, weshared it to facebook,

twitter, and youtube. so let's first openup facebook. and this is my personalfacebook account. so you can see all ofmy gory details. and as you can see here, we haveyoutube developers live on air featuring jarek. and we could watch the video. see? it's ready to go.

and you can click to downloadfrom the app store. and let's see if i havetwitter open. i don't yet have twitter open. so let's open up twitter. and i'm going to goto my tweets. as you can see, youtubedevelopers live on air. we support also twitter cards. so you can play directly fromtwitter to watch this reply. and of course, mostimportantly, we

also support youtube. so i'm going to go into-- these are my uploads. now let's see if it madeit to youtube. yes, it made it to youtube. but it says that this videois being processed. so that's on youtube. the videos alreadybeen uploaded. but we can watch an earlierupload i did from nimble quest

as i was testing this about10 minutes ago. so here's the replay. so this is a very seamlesssystem that enables the players to share their bestreplays, connect socially on services like youtube,facebook, and twitter within everyplay. and that's it. jarek wilkiewicz: cool. jussi laakkonen: hope youenjoyed the demo.

jarek wilkiewicz: yeah,this was great. thank you for doing this. so let's talk a little bit moreabout how this system is implemented. so can you tell us a littlemore about the technology behind it? jussi laakkonen: so certainlythere are a couple of components with this. one is the sdk that goesinside the game.

and that's a native ios codethat we provide in the various plug-ins for unity, cocoas,unreal engine 3, and custom game engines. we are also hard at work withour android version. and we hope to give you newsabout that in the not too distant future. jarek wilkiewicz: thatsounds great. jussi laakkonen: that actuallycaptures the game play. and then we have our server sidewhich runs on a note gs

mobile db on the variousservice and cdns. and basically, that's where thevideos are uploaded to. and the whole social interfaceyou saw is all html5. so there is no separateeveryplay app right now. it's all html5, all the socialstuff we looked at. and we provide that on desktopbrowsers, mobile browsers as we looked at within facebookwithin twitter. jussi laakkonen: and then weprovide integration to services like youtube wherewe upload the video.

it's always uploaded to theuser's own account on youtube. so we want the usersto be stars. and so they can have themon their own channels. jarek wilkiewicz: yeah. yeah, this is definitely theapproach that we recommend. we also find that these videosare more likely to go viral because users have an incentiveto actually share their achievements. so this fits the usecase quite well.

so how do you usethe youtube api? jussi laakkonen: excuse me. you were breaking up a little. jarek wilkiewicz: my questionwas, how do you use the youtube api? can you tell a bit moreabout how you use it? jussi laakkonen: so we havea server-to-server connection to youtube. so we use that for--

first, the user authenticateshimself with oauth2 to authenticate that he hasa youtube account and ability to publish. and we store that accesskeys after that. and as we have the video onthe server, we use our server-to-server integration toyoutube service to upload the video after it's beenencoded on our service. jarek wilkiewicz: got it. so the token is obtainedon the client.

so this is something that theoauth flow is executed on the mobile device. and then the refresh token issent to the server side. and then the video is uploadedon behalf of the user using an access token that is obtainedfrom the refresh token that you have actually obtainedon the client. is that correct? jussi laakkonen: correct. that's correct.

jarek wilkiewicz: ok. jussi laakkonen: and we don'tdirectly uploaded from a client to youtube becausewe also do moderation on these videos. and we have certain safeguardsin place to make sure that the content is pg-13, if you will. and that's why we do there-encoding on the server side and the security checks on theserver side and then upload from the service.

this also means that the user,if he is sharing to multiple services, he only needsto upload once. and as we provide aservices-like background uploading, then the video uploadwill complete even if the user exits theapplication. and then are you using youtubeapi v2 or v3 for the upload? jussi laakkonen: we're currentlyusing version two. but we're very excited by theopportunity that version 3 is opening up.

so we're very much lookingforward to migrating to that. and we have big plans toleverage the data api on youtube because i think thereare great things you can build with that, play lists, do afeature that kind of creates the content of your channel. and we're really on theearly stages of that. we first wanted to enablethe sharing for players. and now the next step is kind ofcreating that content into interesting playlists,organizing that by games, and

enabling games to findtheir audiences. so we're excited about thenew version three api. and i think the youtube audiencewill appreciate easy way to find this content,especially if you're talking about [? queue ration ?] and play list management. i think that's all veryimportant for game developers. because once the content isout there, how do you help users find it?

and definitely the[? queue ration ?] is the right wayto approach it. jussi laakkonen: we alsoleverage metadata so our developers can specify a numberof arrivals, some public, some private, that'sused to navigate these videos. and we also are publishing ithink most of that, if not all, to youtube. and the goal is to really enablerich search abilities within youtube.

so one question that i typicallylike to ask is, while you were developingyour product or the api integration, was there anythingthat surprised you, like things that you reallydidn't anticipate about your users or about the api? any lessons learned thatyou would be willing to share with us? jussi laakkonen: i think whatwe did right is that we actually got in touch with theyoutube team pretty early on.

and a few of the [inaudible] were actually covered in ourfirst introductory course, like the authenticationflow and the best practices for that. if we hadn't known about those,it probably would have been something that we'd beenscratching our head around a little bit. but because we took theproactive approach and we got good support from the youtubedevelopers team, i would say

that we really didn't run intoanything that was kind of an, oh, that's really weird. but it's more like, hmm, ok,i'll read the documentation, which is actually what googlereally shines on in my opinion is the documentationis exemplary. so we had actuallya very easy time implementing the youtube api. jarek wilkiewicz: goodto hear that. i will definitely pass this onto our colleague andy who

works on our documentation, getsa lot of praise for it, and that he's doingan excellent job. jussi laakkonen: i wishours would be as good. jarek wilkiewicz: so any apifeatures that you wish we had and they're not there yet? like, what are the nextthings that you think we should be pursuing? jussi laakkonen: well, i thinkwhen you look at a lot of the gaming videos, there's quite alot of annotations going on.

and that would be certainlysomething eventually to be able to allow players orprograms to annotate videos. so that would be certainlysomething that we would be looking forward to do because ithink that doing it manually for videos, this requiresmore manpower than a small startup has. that is definitely, i would say,on top of my wish list. and there are almost alwaysimprovements that you can look for.

but that would be kind ofa thing i'm looking for. and i think i'm very excitedto also see [inaudible] live-streaming apis coming outand all the possibilities that that opens up to contentcreators. so let's switch toour questions. i see we have a questionfrom a viewer live on youtube about android. and you touched about thatearlier in the show. and the question is, whenis everyplay going to be

available in android? i'm sure you get that a lot. so anything to add to whatyou've previously stated? jussi laakkonen: so we metwith a lot of developers. i would say close to 1,000developers at gdc last week. and we had nearly 10people in staff and did a lot of evidence. and if there were one thing thatwas above anything else that was requestedwas android.

the good news is that we arealready at a working prototype on android. so things are running. it's not [inaudible] hey,we hope this will work. we know it works. and i think with android thekey thing we're working on right now is devicerecommendation. and there's quite a few verypopular gpus on android that you need to support in orderto have a viable solution.

so our goal right now is to havea broad enough support that we can launch a betaversion of android in not too unfortunately, i cannot give atime frame because every gpu is a little bit of a challengeof its own. and getting to high enoughpenetration on the kind of devices that you would expectpeople to be playing on, it's something that we'restill working on. so it's definitely i would sayour number one priority. we are already on it.

the prototype is running. things are looking good. and now we can just conquerthe fragmentation. thank you for thisdetailed answer. and i think we're all anxiously awaiting android support. i'm an android user. so definitely would liketo try it out. so another question is for me.

is youtube developerrelations hiring? and the answer is, yes,we are hiring. google developer relations aswell as youtube developer relations is hiring. to learn more go and you can learn all aboutit right there. well, thank you verymuch, jussi. i know it's getting lateright now in helsinki. thank you very much forjoining our show.

and then looking forward to seethe new features coming out of applifier and sharingmy game play with the games that you have integrated with. jussi laakkonen: and you'regoing to be sharing on youtube, obviously. jarek wilkiewicz: absolutely. jussi laakkonen: and that'sgoing to be awesome. jarek wilkiewicz: all right. jussi laakkonen: thanksfor having me.

jarek wilkiewicz: and thankyou for watching. see you next week. jussi laakkonen: bye. jarek wilkiewicz: bye.

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