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the players of 2nd match. for the korean team! angel777, kim sung tek. yes, he’s a famous hearth stone player in korea. he’s out here now because he’s showed some good games in clash royale as well. that’s right. now players like angel has showed a lot of good gameplay, especially at competitions. looking forward to what we’ll see in this match! now, angel’s opponent. he flew a long way from canada~ shall we meet orange juice? orange juice has been uploading a lot of clash royale walkthrough videos, and even in the eyes of professional youtubers, they are so thorough and detailed. he is doing a lot of things as a youtuber for clash royale game. looking forward to an awesome match today. i am too. now both these players are creators, and maybe they’ll use various decks. yes, probably more decks will appear in this match than the last one. that’s right. we see that both players are preparing their decks.

as soon as the match is ready, we will start the match. as i mentioned, i’m curious whether there will be some unusual decks. yes, the first match was filled with miner focused decks. ah, as soon as the match starts! quickly on the run. oh, hog rider hog rider~ no, the cannon was late! yes it has done some damage. now for this match ddotty will join the commentary. it feels really great to watch other players from here at the spectator’s seat after match 1~ - you feeling more at ease now?- feeling extremely comfortable.

- hahaha since you took home a victory.- now if you look at the match, it started with an extremely quick attack with hog riders. laid out an elixir collector at a risky time but that’s fine. you see now up there both players have elixir collectors, oh, hog rider~! on the run again! the reason he’s summoning hog riders like that is to avoid tower aggro. - that’s right~- executing a piggy push right? well for the first match angel is tilting his head, seems like he’s saying “ it’s difficult.” miner going forward! ah~ even a royal giant~

in this case, the elixir! that was a good mini p.e.k.k.a. timing. mini pekka as a counter, but seems like it’ll hit 4 times right? mini pekka’s getting rid of royale giant pretty quickly, but since both towers have been damaged… there is an additional card that hasn’t been used yet. oh~ will this hit the tower? - it hits!- it hurts! firespirits have been updated today. they have a larger splash radius. about a 25% increase. it hurts to be jabbed continuously by spear goblins since the tower hp is low...

the deck angel is using is the deck i used against chief pat! yesterday angel, yoongela and i made a clan and did some practice. it was a deck that the viewer from yoongela’s channel recommended! - this deck?- yes. hog rider on the left, piggy push. oh, quickly defended with mini p.e.k.k.a.. and the zap also gave some damage, right? he altered his focus to the left lane, thinking he can take care of the right lane pretty well. - that’s right.- now should angel attack the left as well? the royal giant…ah, looks like cannon aggros it.

- the zap seems a bit impatient, because the deck rotation is not good.- the left side is in danger now. hog rider to the left~! yes the hog rider!! hammering! with four blows with the hammer! it’s going in! tower’s down! it was an attack using hog riders and royal giants together, very difficult. that’s right. still, the right tower is being targeted with miners and ice wizards. mini p.e.k.k.a.~ ah, you don’t know now with the mini p.e.k.k.a. whoa~

it’s broken!!! a royal giant at the center to quickily remove the right tower, with 10 seconds left~ with 10 seconds left, it seems impossible to break the tower in this situation. the left tower has lost some hp but unfortunately for angel… orange juice takes this match~ a deck with a royal giant has those strengths when one tower is broken~ - even without the hog rider, deploying spear goblins right away. - very aggressive. angel has prepared a counter deck, first archers.

archer in the deck means there’ll probably be a royal giant... now what will be used to counter this barbarian or minion horde? barbarian~ a counter to the royal giant! but the elixir collector hasn’t been destroyed…it survived! not bad, the situation now for both players. a clean block with minions~ elixir collector ah~ the hog rider is coming straight in~ is there a cannon? here~ a cannon! deploying a cannon~ - and with this update cannon has been debuffed~- one hit, two hits~ ah~

- that was a lot of damage.- two blows with a hog rider is success! just 1 or 2 hits from hog-rider is successful for players using hog deck, because even three or four hits cut the tower hp by more than half. there’s little silence. oh~ - ah~ royal-giant!- it’s good timing. but the opponent just built elixir collector. i think it’s not the best choice. it’s good for him to have barbartians but firespirits are giving splash damage. all firespirits went in. angel’s defence was not bad. it would’ve been a very bad situation if the elixir collector was busted. but since it survived and can pump one more elixir, it’s not so bad for angel.

he built it little bit upfront expecting a royal-giant i guess. to minimize the damage to the tower... we don’t know two cards from angel yet. tower!! he couldn’t aggro well. - angel’s royal-giant comes out!- royal giant! - both players using royal-giants!- is angel going to abandon the right tower? left lane, r.g. right lane r.g.~ angel’s barbarians covering right lane’s r.g. and it’s working~ well now, angel’s barbarians are getiing oj’s attention.

oj used his elixirs for nothing so angel’s gonna? - but oj attacks again!- he doesn’t hesitate! yeah, he’s very aggressive. normally, they wait for full elixir but he doesn’t! - hog-riders.- oj’s hog-rider is coming to right tower. it attacks! one hit! and more? - just one hit.- good for angel. can we say that he defended pretty well?

yeah, it’s alright. cannon is getting royal-giant’s attention and another cannon. one more cannon, nice! hogrider is coming. what’s his response? hogrider and royal giant is coming in rotation on both lane. he must be very busy. using elixir collector means he doesn’t have anything to defend. damage is accumulating. also zap. he has no rocket or fireball...! and royal giant is coming. bang.bang.bang. - ah. cannon is ...- cannon’s position is not very good. right tower down. orange juice won the second match as well.

wow he attacks immediately again! - barbarians!- i think it’s not the best choice to put barbarians right away. - oj would defended well. - but if angel didn’t have babarians card, it would be very dangerous. he had to surround royal giant with barbarians but because barbarians were pushed back a bit, couldn’t take care of r.g. that quickly. yeah. so royal giant hit once or twice more. oj defended with tower and skeletons. yes it was very effective. 1 elixir cost skeleton was buffed in this update right? - yes, you’re right.- i think it’ll be used widely as a key card.

- hog-rider is coming again~- firespirit is going in and mini-pekka. very good. good. well in this case, right tower’s hp will be reduced cumulatively. i think oj is gonna attack right from now on. you’re right. as you can see from the screen, we saw all of oj’s card. on the other hand angel7777 didn’t reveal 3 cards yet. we can see oj has very aggressive style. he has a very light deck. - it was good.- firespirit and zap. angel7777 wants to collect elixir, and place royal-giant in the back and attack with other units but oj is too aggressive, not giving any time for such attack patterns. - look! oj attacks again?- oj going in with hogrider!

ah this time, it’s well defended with cannon and mini-pekka. - he uses firespirits very well.- absoultely. - ah~ oj is best known for his aggro technics.- ah~ oj benefits a lot by using skeletons. - it’s too costly to use arrows or zap for that.- right! - since it’s just 1 elixir skeletons...- seems like he can only use barbarians to counter royale giant. - minions… - also oj's minions. zap behind and hog-rider... if second rush comes...? oh cannon was good. nice aggro. mini-pekka! good!

one minion is attacking mini-pekka. angel7777 is not in a good position now. - ah~ royal-giant again. oj gives no time.- angel has no chance to attack. - oh~ it hurts!- the fact that he defends with the elixir collector shows how bad the situation is. oj winning 3rd match? royal giant on the right lane. and also minions with small hp just destroyed tower. and there are... 2 royal giants...! only 10 seconds left... angel is endangered to sweep.

hmm.. it seems like it’s similar to the last deck. it might be better using different cards and gamble in next set. - i think angel’s not going to use the same deck.- oj again! ah this guy. - he has his own play style~ - oh! angel using same card~ did angel copy oj’s deck? yes yes it’s the same deck! not bad! - let’s take a look...- firespirit is good. both player’s right towers’ hp is down, but angel’s tower’s hp is only 149 left. both players are nodding. it seems like they are saying “hmm you’re playing like that~”

- angel at the bottom side has a disadvantage as of now.- yes. seems like it’s not spear vs. shield type of game like before, but more like spear vs. spear type of game. i think angel is not familiar with this deck, because he copied the oj’s deck and using it for the first time. royal giant again. hogrider on the left lane~ he attacks left tower giving up the right. hog destroyed the left tower. it’s 1:1! nice! angel vs. orange juice. the score is same now and angel has more elixirs... even though this could be his last match, angel is playing very aggressive and now it’s working.

wow! he made a mistake, oj seems embarassed. yes. angel copied his deck and saying “you have some taste of your own medicine.” but since oj made this deck, he should be more familiar with the meta. absoulutely. - let’s see how it plays out.- both players gathering elixirs... the downside of this deck is that it doesn’t have elixir collector. angel placed a cannon at the back to defend the royal giant. (but not working because of attack range gap.) angel’s hog-rider attack~ cannon defends it. - so both r.g on the right and hogrider attack was ineffective.- angel defended well.

ah hog-rider was blocked by zap. also has more elixirs and damaged the tower a lot more. royal giant~ one hit, two hit. isn’t it dangerous? oj choose to attack with no defense. cannon failed to change royal giant’s target. angel’s attack is better. oj’s tower’s hp is very low. - it’s just 400.- angel has to remain calm. - he must attack. it’s running out of time.- angel attacks again and it worked!

oj’s hog-rider again. cannon’s position is good. - since angel has a lot of low cost units...- hogrider is blocked. left lane of angel! now angel only has to defend. - he has to defend only 15 seconds~- but firespirits! last hogrider’s attack. ah~ cannon was late! but anyhow angel defended using zap! 5 4

3 2 no more attacks? fifth match begins now. royal giants attack! immediately! so angel does! both of them plays very aggressively. interesting! angel’s royal-giant. oh! oj’s mini-pekka!

mini-pekka’s for royale giant counter. - it’s not totally same deck this time.- it’s a little bit different. oj is a really smart player because... it is not easy to design a deck that can counter the opponent’s deck. especially in such a big off line tournament. right before, he could’ve defended spear goblins with cannon. that’s a bit disappointing. now they’re resting, just gathering up elixir. he could try to make up his mistakes, ah, we can see 'orange juice's aggressive tendency not to waste even 1 elixir. there comes the zap!

firespirits! firespirit wasn’t that effective actually. ah, royal giant is putting in some damage. - it might take the tower down!- ah, a 399 hit points left! he spent so many costs for defence! tower goes down!! ah “god” royal giant! isn't it? it has been nerfed a bit recently. yes, actually dps is 4% reduced, but the thing is, royal giant was not op for it’s damage, but for its range.

i agree. before the update, the royal giant was not used much since the attack range wasn’t great. but now, although it’s nerfed, the attack range of 6 makes it a very valuable card. it isn't over. angel has to catch up! yeah, summoning royal giant behind, and gathering unit, and making a deathball to end this game. - but there is no chance to save some elixir!- yes. oj never gives a single chance. actually, the situation is so bad, he already lost a tower. ah, oj is very composed, angel's tower has less than a half hp. 900 hit points left.

even if ange can put a lot of damage to the left tower... hogrider, trying to make his way through, oh,it actually made it. - hog rider, hog rider, can he make it!!!- his hammer, 1 or 2 hits (1 , 2!!) - two hits. ah~- ah... the spear gobilns~ this royal giant seems tough to defend. firstly, cannon. units pushed it to change the target. that was a good, it’s a technic that beginners can emulate. oh, mini pekka is dispatched by himself. putting 'mini pekka' in the center alone shows his confidence about this game...

right, this is a kind of ceremony telling his opponent 'i’ve won'. right now he’s attacking king tower as well. right. again. 'orage juice' is still leading the game, only 30seconds left. - that cannon.. how loney it is.- 'angel' is in a huge trouble, now. he can neither attack nor defend. the arena tower don't have much hp left. ah, now the hog rider incoming! 'angel' is trying his best to take down at least one crown tower. 5 seconds left! at last the global team takes this match in 4 to 1 score.

'oj’, is a really impressive player! fast decision making, and his aggressive play was the key. he shows us that he is very aggressive man, contrary to his appearance. player with a very unique identity. set score 4 to 1, 'orange juice’s victory. so the match score is tied 1 to 1! very interesting. score 1 to 1. now, the last player must have a tremendous pressure. maybe they can not play their best game. because they have a butterfly in the stomach. anyway, today's broadcast is really really interesting.

i actually worried that if today's game is over in two matches, the last match could’ve been a bit boring. but till the last, we don’t know the result. now, both players’ interview is ready. let meet them in the interview. for clash royal invitational’s 2nd match, orange juice won the match. congratulation! you’ve won the second match, so 'chief pat' must be more comfortable at this point. winner’s composure. 'here for the joy.' it is very imressive words from oj. i want to ask 'how did you feel' when 'angel' copied your deck after 3rd game was over. okay, he could’ve lost his composure, but stayed really calm, and finally won the match 2’s victory! congratulation again! now we have to hear some words from 'angel'.

you played so hard, even copying your opponent’s deck, but unfortunately lost the game. how do you feel. oj did a very good job. i felt like i must practice a lot because oj has showed some moves i am not used to. actually oj is my mentor, i’m learning this game from oj, so i will try my best to win over my mentor in next match with oj. wonderful. although, he lost the game but he can say some words like this. it is only possible right here, in this stage. please, translate this to him. 'angel will surpass the teacher', he learn from the teacher. yes. thank you. now second match is over. we will come back with the last match 'gela‘ vs 'nickatnyte'.

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