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hi everyone, let's learn how to make a cartoonof yourself in powerpoint. this is useful for making presentations more interesting...if you're a teacher... or a student who wants to impress the class. or maybe you're a professionalwho wants to promote your business. or just want to have some fun with your friends! joinme as i show you how to animate yourself in several different ways, including the coolestway, which is with crazytalk animator, a separate software, which lets you add some really coolcartoon effects to your presentations. so let’s look at the different cartoon animationtypes: there are ones i call 3d – they’re not exactly 3d but they’re less flat thanthe 2d, which are much more basic but can still look very cool. now let’s examinethese one-by-one. first, we have the crazytalk

animator option – this is actually a programthat you have to get separately, but if you’re really trying to learn advanced animation,which a lot of my viewer requests seem to indicate, this is definitely something toconsider, since it makes your animations look much more cool and professional. in fact,here are some other examples of what you can do. so, for the next 5 minutes or so, i’llgive you a very quick demo of how to make a cartoon of yourself in crazytalk and thenexport it to powerpoint. i’ll then show you the other cartoon techniques that don’trequire any additional software. so let’s jump in!as just a quick little demo of crazytalk, let me just show you how you can take a pictureof yourself and make it into a simple but

fun jumping character. and while i’m doingthis, i’ll show you some other cool features of the program as well.so here is the home screen, so let’s just start by going to “create,” then createface, and now just choose a picture of yourself – try to take one that’s looking forward,with a neutral expression, and no long hair past your chin – i have mine pulled backbehind me as you can see. so first we just crop it so it’s just framing your face.now we go to the face fitting options and just move the dots as you see in the guideon the right. and you may have used a face fitter like this like this before if you’veever worked with an e-card service for example, such as jibjab, in which you can put yourface on an animated character.

ok once you’re done with this, you can testit out by hitting some of the buttons on the right here, and for example, you get thisvery cool but also sort of creepy test of the facial animation. ok and finally we adjustthe angle fit for the face. and we’re basically done. and now we’re ready to crop our faceso it looks more realistic. clicking on this mask editor button here,you’ll get this window. some people actually say that this feature is comparable to photoshopquality in terms of how precisely it guesses where your face is. so from this default setting,you can then hit the background button and clean it up more to make sure your face iswell cut out – and i’m just doing this quickly but if i were to do it for real i’dbe much more careful - then you can soften

the edge to make it blend in better with thebackground. ok we’re done and now we’re ready for the rest of the body. let’s goto our content editor and choose a body we like – then shift the head upward a littlebit. and since i’m bald, let’s add some hair to top it off – so we choose a hairstyleand adjust the shape of the hair. now the next step is really fun which is adding theeyes. so we go to the “morph eye” option and go to “human eye.” you then choosefrom a variety of colors and styles. i’ll use elegant, and then click on the eye iconup here to get additional options. already you can see how cool that looks. let me justshow you a few of the options here. you can roll one or both eyes back, front, or to theside. you can also play around with your eye

shadow and makeup to be lighter or darker,which is really cool. and the best part is you can change your eye color or iris – i’llmake it match my hair for now. here’s what it looked before, for reference. also, withthis button here, you can see how your eyes move around, which is kind of interesting,and you can also blink your eyes with this button. so if you’ve ever considered coloredcontacts for example, this feature is very cool for trying on different eye styles oreven makeup. ok so now we have our character, let’s addthe animation. we click the top left button here – then go to animation, then perform,and these motions are already preset with voices and facial expressions for variouscharacters to make it easy. this is very useful

for kind of a quick animation job, but obviouslyif you choose something that’s for a different gender than what your character is – sofor example the one i’m choosing is for a guy, then that’s not ideal. but for this,let’s just pretend that i have a cold and am losing my voice – i’m just very hoarseor something. ok, so we have our character and the animationnow. we can now actually go ahead and export to powerpoint. there are currently 2 waysto do it, and the first is to make an animated gif file. this is really easy – just goto render and “quick capture to clipboard” – you can choose to loop it forever or loopit a certain number of times – and i want it looping continuously, so i’ll hit ok.now, the character is in your clipboard, so

just go to powerpoint and paste it. now whenyou view in presentation mode, that’s what you get. notice that a gif does not containsound that you put in – which actually works out because i didn’t want that really manlyvoice anyway. but if you do want sound, you’d have to either add a sound file to powerpointto play at the same time as the gif, or an even better way to do it is to export to videodirectly from crazytalk, and that way you can embed the video directly into powerpointand you’ll have the sound and everything there for you. and that’s what i’ll showyou right now. so if we’re making a video, we might aswell add a cool background – so let’s check out some of the scenes we have available– let’s choose the street scene here,

adjust the character position – and nowwe just go to the render options again and choose “render video.” and you can changethe export format of the video if you like, i’ll reduce the frames we’re renderinghere to make it go faster. ok now we’re done, and here is what we have – or if youdouble the speed you can get chipmunk style - and as i said, you can now embed this intoppt as a video if you have 2010 or later. and again, this was just a super quick tutorialto give you a small taste of the software – there are many more detailed tutorialson crazytalk, which you can find in the video description.so while crazytalk is for those who want to learn really advanced and professional animation,if you just want to kind of play around and

experiment with animating yourself, thereare still some very cool ways to do that in powerpoint alone, which i’ll show you rightnow. the first of these is what i call video face- this particular one is actually best done in powerpoint version 2010 and above sinceearlier versions don’t really support embedding video. but stay tuned for the other cartoontechniques that can be done in earlier versions. ok so for this, let’s start with a videoof our face – try to minimize your head movements while you’re talking for bestresults -- and we’ll just crop it to an oval using format, then video shape. now adjustthe size of this by going to crop so you have just your face showing and nothing else. andgreat, we have our video face. now let’s

make the face. for this example, i’ll showyou the redhead picture i used for the intro video. just go to the office clipart library– in 2013 you do it by going to insert, online pictures, and search for “redhead.”this is a vector image, so we can actually ungroup and use parts of it the way we want.for more on how to use vector images, look in the video description and check out myvideo specifically on this topic. ok to ungroup, right click and go to “group” and thenungroup, hit “yes,” and then do it again – so group and ungroup. now we can playaround with the different pieces of this picture. i’ll first remove the face so i can replaceit with the video face. this picture has a bang or front hair layer that needs to bebrought to the front, so we do it here. and

there you go – you’re basically done.what i also like to do though is make the video color match the picture so it doesn’tlook so out of place. first, i recolor the video – let’s choose an orange here forexample to match the picture – then change the contrast settings. that’s nicer, it’smore orangy to match the picture, but we can make it even better by changing the neck color– in 2013 i can use my eyedropper to recolor these sections exactly based on the videoface. and there you go! you’re done – this is what it looks like. the other thing i wantto show you quickly is how to make a video face when the character is moving, as it’sa little tricky. so here i have my picture all ready to go – if you want the original,you can search for “red carpet” in the

clipart. here the character is a female withorange hair, which is one single grouped layer. i also have a front hairpiece in here as well.so let me paste the video face, which i’ve already made in here and adjust the hair tofit. ok, for the animation, we want to start with the body – not the video - simply usea straight motion path to the left, and now we use the animation painter to do it on thevideo, and same thing for the front hair piece. now if you leave it this way, the video willmove but won’t play – so here is the trick that took me a little time to figure out – whatwe have to do is add animation to the video and hit the play button. now we make thisall start with previous – and let’s just make the motion path last 5 seconds so it’snice and smooth. and that’s it - here’s

what it looks like. this is actually a prettyquick and easy way to make yourself into a cartoon so if you have version 2010 and above,i really recommend trying it. another sort of funky option for animatingyourself is what i call the egghead method – this is something that is used in famouscartoons like south park and is simple enough to be done in any version of powerpoint. sowe start out with a picture of our face. and crop it to shape and choose oval. now cropagain and adjust it so that everything is well cut out. if you have an earlier versionof powerpoint, to crop it, you can just color around your face and then set that color totransparent color, like i show you in my reveal effect video. now that we’re here – inone way or another – let’s paste this

as a picture. so we copy this – and thenpaste as picture – and we crop out the bottom jaw. and then copy and paste or control dto duplicate. and now crop again and go down to the bottom and align the pieces. ok let’sadd hair – and again this is a vector image that i found in the clipart – just see thevideo description for more info. let’s just resize it here so it fits, and then groupwith the top part of the head. now let’s add animation. for the most simple kind ofanimation, you just add a motion path, make it go up, and then in effect options, takeout “smooth start” and “smooth end,” add autoreverse, and let’s make it repeat5 times. change the timing to .1 second. you can make this chomp up and down as long asyou’re talking. the more complicated but

cooler way though is to rotate the head slightlyleft and right as it goes up, as i had in the intro video. so for this, we change themotion path so that it goes about 45 degrees to the side. and we add a spin in the samedirection so if it’s going left, it’ll be counterclockwise. and make it also 45 degreesand autoreverse. now let’s take out the repeat from the motion path. and make thespin also .1 second and make it start with previous. actually, let’s extend this motionpath so the head has more room. now here is where it gets a little tricky.let’s add another animation – an appear, and put it at the front. we also add a disappearand put it at the end. now let’s fix when these start. this one is after previous. thisis with previous and this is after previous.

ok now let’s duplicate the picture – andwe now change the motion path to 45 degrees the other way – and we change the spin directionto be clockwise. and we align these on top of each other, select both of them, and nowcopy/paste or duplicate many times. now select just enough area so that the bottom jaw willbe selected. cut it for now. and now select and align all of these pictures so that they’reall on top of each other. we can paste the jaw and align it to the bottom. and we arebasically done. let’s just get rid of this last disappear animation. and see what itlooks like – kind of silly but very cool. check out some south park episodes, especiallywith canadian characters, to see this technique done in a professional setting.a variation of the egghead technique is what

i call the nutcracker because the jaw movesdownward exactly like on a classic nutcracker. for this, i won’t bore you with making theface again, let’s start with a premade one – this time with my hair and not a vectorimage. and what we do here is just duplicate theface and then crop so it’s just the jaw showing. we then put it right on top of theother face so we can make sure it’s aligned correctly.now let’s make a rectangle where the jaw is – color it black. it doesn’t have tobe perfect on the bottom just the top – and it needs to be slightly narrower than thejaw. and bring the jaw to the front so it’s in front of the black box.ok let’s take the jaw and add a motion path

down. and just pull it up a bit – you canhit shift so it goes up in a straight line. and just like we did with the basic egghead,we go to effect options, take out smooth start and smooth end, add autoreverse, and makeit repeat 10 times this time. again, the timing is .1 second. and let’s test it out! nottoo bad – this is a technique that’s used in the jibjab e-card software so you can seeit there too. now one quick thing i wanted to show you isthat for these vector images, you can play around with animating the body as well. forexample, in this teacher graphic, i made her arm and the stick thing move. to do this,you have to make sure that the pivot point at which it rotates is right in the middlehere – if you want it to rotate it at a

joint, you have to group it with a transparentimage like here that’s the same length as the thing you’re rotating. here’s howi did it with the arm and the stick – you just give it a couple of degrees of a spinanimation and it really adds a cool effect. ok finally, we’ve come to the last and maybethe simplest technique, which is the stop motion. basically, this involves layeringimages on top of each other like a flipbook in order to make it look like they’re moving.if you want to do this while talking, you can make a screen shot of yourself for everysyllable that you pronounce so that you move your mouth with the words. this is what idid here. and by the way, i know that “wanna” is two syllables but if you slur it quicklyyou can make it one syllable. what i also

did was give the pictures a cool cartoon effectby making the color 75% black and white. you can also play with other artistic effects,since you’re technically going for a cartoon effect here.the animation itself is very easy you basically just add an appear animation to all the pictures,then make them all start after previous, give them a delay of about .25 seconds and thenplay. and that is it! well hopefully you’ve learned some new thingsabout how to animate with powerpoint – both in conjunction with other programs like crazytalkor just by using powerpoint’s own video, picture, and animation options. i hope thatyou’ve been inspired to experiment a little and find some combination of these that worksbest for you. thanks for watching, and see

you for my next video!

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