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&grab pokeball toy& - pokemon music in thebackground, either gba, remix, or main theme. yeah, that should be enough it's dangerous to go alone. take this! i know what you're thinking! "wait, wait wait, atratzu is reviewing a mobilegame? what is this madness? so far you've only reviewed a playstationand pc games... i thought you were going to stick with onlypc games!"

well channel is called "atratzu reviews",for all you know i could review local cuisine! ....but yeah, i was planning on sticking withmostly pc games at least for the first year and maybe get a capture card and do some ofmy favorite console games. but a craze as swept up the american peopleand is slowly creeping its way world wide, a craze, a phenominiinononom screw spellingi've got a youtube channel. a phenomenon we all saw coming, and a crazewhich we all wanted, hoped and prayed for... unless you're anti-pokemon, which in thatstop watching my videos mom, i'm a full grown adult, i can play whatever video games i wantnow, ...and i'm going to re-realize my dream...to be, the very best, like no one ever was.

so for those few of you who don't know whati'm talking about, pokemon go is a mobile app game developed by niantic which launchedin australia, new zealand, and the united states july 6 2016... and everyone is feverishlygoing crazy to move their dreams into reality, well virtual reality. i don't know how curious you are, but i wasvery interested in doing some quick research on niantic as a company, and it appears theyhad tried to develop another game similar to pokemon go, but without the pokemon. the game is called ingress. it was very similar mechanically speaking.

you'd walk around to real life physical locationsjoin teams, compete, level, etc. but someone must have thought "i bet this game would bevery cool with pokemon". whoever the wonderful person is that broughtthis into existence... both niantic, pokemon, and nintendo teamed up to bring this dreaminto reality. and it really was a dream. i'm sure in the future we'll look back andsay stuff like "puft! we used to be excited over that? oh hold on a second, i need to go capturethat holographic pikachu that just ran through my back yard".

yeah! this brought something into reality that mostof us had only dreamed about. in pokemon go the idea is that you will walkaround to gather different pokemon and items. pokemon go uses your cell phone's data andgps to locate your position, and then displays a map for you to explore your neighborhood! obviously the key features of any pokemongame are in this genre, that being the capture, battle and collection of all the various pokemonyou can get your hands on. but more about that when we talk about thegameplay!

a few things to mention about the game thoughbefore we delve into it, the news has been going crazy about pokemon go, people have found dead bodies, some people have been mugged, and hackersare taking advantage of the craze to put up fake apps that people in other countries havedownloaded! so yeah, in wyoming a pokemon-go-er spotteda dead body while trying to capture a water pokemon near the water and spotted the deadbody. apparently the victim had drown where he wasfound. but yeah, that's kinda messed up. a lot of news organizations have reportedon this story, my favorite being ars technica

who contacted the developers "niantic", inquiringwhether the game's physical-location requirement may see an update in light of today's news". like what is niantic supposed to say? "oh crap, because of us, someone found a deadbody. oh no!! maybe we should re-think this whole real lifewalking simulator rpg thing". just between the two of us (don't look atthe view counter on this video, it's just between you and i viewer!!), i'm pretty sureit was garydos. my point is keep your eyes attentive to yoursurroundings and maybe something interesting

or exciting will happen around you in thereal world. i know that real life the rng and exp grindis a drag compared to normal video games, but the graphics and interactions are dynamic...but yeah, please be safe while you play. regarding safety... (how about that transition? i'm getting better at this!) there was at least one guy who was robbedat gun-point late at night, he was off making a cigarette run to a local gass station andpulled out his phone to make a stop at a pokestop. i don't know how many more of these typesof events will take place, but do be vigilant

out there. it's always safer to be in a group with friends,and make sure if you are out at night that it's in well light public areas! if public security isn't tough enough, there'salso the whole cyber secuirty aspect of the game, this can go in two directions. when the app was first released it had prettyclose to access to everything on your phone, including pictures and e-mails. normally that amount of access is revervedfor google related products, and was very abnormal for an app like this.

but it was announce that niantic will be updatingthat. next there's the element of "fake pokemongo", pokemon go isn't available in all countries yet, and because of that some people havetaken to downloading it via third party services. i don't know if all are false, but a goodchunk of them are, and if you download through one of those sites there's a good chance yourmobile devices has been compromised. i know it's hard to wait for your chance tobecome the very best, like no one ever was... but it's better to be safe then sorry. now enough about that bad news, if there'ssomething i missed be sure to leave a comment! but lets move on to the gameplay for pokemongo!

the first thing to keep in mind about thegame is... can you're phone play the game? unfortunately not all devices are supported,and of course there are the hardware limitations. just read a few of the pokemon go reviewson the google app store page to see for yourself not everything is ho-oh's and butterfree's&pause& (i'm a bit more proud of that joke then i should be) i would like to list whatdevices are or are not supported but i can only say it worked for my phone, i've gotan android lg l22c. okay, so after you download the game, braceyourself for account creation time! this is the part that caused a lot of peopleproblems early on in the game, because the

servers were swamped... i would think by the time this review is outthey will have that sorted out, but in case it's not. try checking back at the account creationwebsite very early in the morning, or another inconspicuous time of day. alright! so you've made your account, next you getto chose some aesthetics, yeah yeah blah blah blah, professor-who's-his-face, chose yourdesired gender, clothes, and next you get to pick your starter!

i'm part of #hashtag team-charmander, butthere's really no wrong choice in my opinion, when it comes to gen 1 starters. pick your favorite... and now you're readyto become a pokemon master! as with any other review i do, i will be coveringthe mechanics, starting with the most basic.... movement. i tried and tried to figure out where my wasdwas at, but alas, i couldn't find it. instead i had to resort to real life motorskills, which requires facing in a direction, and lifting my feet up and planting them infront of each other one after another. advanced players can do this as differentspeeds and in different directions.

the skill cap of such movement is actuallymuch higher then you would expect, but only the basic movements are needed for game movement. (yoda voice) funnnny joke! aside, pokemongo uses your phone's gps and data to locate your physical location. you look at your phone to see where you areon the map, and then you physically move to the location you desire to explore. there are several different locations youwhich visibly appear on the map, you have gyms where you can go battle, however youneed to be trainer level five before you can participate.

additionally there are pokestops where youcan go to pick up items, these pokestops reset over time, but you're better off visitinga location which has many of these pokestops then waiting at the same pokestop for it toreset. there's also rustling grass indicating thelocation of hidden pokemon... there might be one hidden there... they mighthave played you for a fool, regardless... your chances are at least higher at findingone there. catching pokemon is pretty straight forward,when you encounter a pokemon, you tap the pokeball and swipe up to simulate "throwing"the ball. okay, before i get ahead of myself you canturn on or off ar mode, i don't normally use

it, while ar definitely makes it feel morereal when you're searching for pokemon, having it on is less convent and generally more difficultto catch the pokemon you're looking at. there's a few different strategies peoplehave when it comes to capturing pokemon, you can do the basic swipe, you can throw a curveball. honestly i'm not gary oak enough to throwcurve balls, so i stick with the basic capturing techniques. see that circle that is slowly shrinking intothe center of the screen? if you can capture the pokemon when the circle is smaller youwill get bonus experience for your trainer! the color of the circle also characterizeshow difficult that capture will be.

green is easy, yellow is medium, and red isdifficult! there are a lot of items in pokemon go! i'm only going to cover a few of the mostbasic ones, naturally you have pokeball, these are used to capture pokemon, there are variousupgraded versions of pokeballs, great balls, ultraballs, i wouldn't be surprised if weeventually see lure balls or other balls if joto pokemon are ever added to the game. next up you have incense and the upgradedversion which is a lure module. these will draw out pokemon from where they'rehiding and lure them to you. there are eggs which you can place into anincubator and then you need to run around

long enough for it to hatch. you start out with one incubator, and canuse it infinitely, more can be purchased or unlocked from leveling that have a finiteamount of uses. next you have potions and revives. if you played any of the video games you alreadyknow what they do. but for those that don't: potions heal yourpokemon's hp, hit points, revives bring a pokemon back after they've feinted in battle. side note, it's surprising that there aren'tany pokemon centers where you can heal up... anyway, you need to do all your healing afterbattles with potions.

the last item i'll talk about in this revieware razz berries, *thhthththhththt* oh wait, wrong razz berry. you use razz berries to make pokemon easierto capture. there will most likely be new items introducedor discovered in the game, but that should be enough for my review. "hey atratzu, there sure does seem to be alot to this app game, i'm surprised" you and me both, viewer who has a voice similar tomine! there's trainer experience and trainer levels,pokemon cp which stands for "combat power", roughly translating into how strong your pokemonis.

you can only train your pokemon to a certaincp based on your trainers level! now some of you might be thinking "atratzu,i think you're missing a very important part of this review... this game is free, so whatare they getting out of it, how are they making money back?" if you're thinking that, you're just as cynicalas me! kudos! there is always the awareness and interactionwithin a franchise will bring about people buying more products related to that franchise. but those aren't solid numbers for most people,the app itself is advertising for the franchise

and that's pretty big, it topped downloadson the google play store almost immediately when it was released, if not immediately whenit was released. additionally there is the personal informationthey could potentially be gathering that it could use as a type of bargaining chip. companies always say "we won't sell your data",but that doesn't mean they won't trade it, or give it to someone else. an additional way niantic is generating revenueis sponorships, the latest buzz being about pokemon go selling pizza, and maybe even asponsorship from mcdonalds. i've included a lot of links and referencesto the various articles i've referenced or

quoted if you're interested in reading upmore on any of these topics! lastly, there are also microtransactions withinthe game to quickly pick up valuable items without going to pokestops. there's a very good chance i've missed something, or somethings. but those were all i could come up with fornow. you thought we were done by now, right? well, if you look at the video time bar youknow there's a bit more to talk about. there are teams!

upon reaching level 5, you get to chose betweenthree different teams: yellow, blue, and red. the yellow team is "team instinct", blue teamis "team mystic" and red team is "team valor". team instict is lead by "spark", team instinctis driven by trust in the pokemon. team mystic is lead by " blanche" team mysticis driven by wisdom and logic rather than emotion and trust. and lastly team valor is lead by "candela"team valor is driven by a thirst for power. there's no real wrong choice when choosingyour team, they're all pretty common themes within the pokemon universe, but the teami joined will definitely be the best one. i'm not going to say which one because i don'twant angry people from the other teams thumbing

down my video. "your review was good up until now! wahhhh" i know, i couldn't help it. there's a good chance people already knowthe team i chose. just saying i would have preferred to joina green team before any of the other choices. greeeeeen is keeeeyyyyy. maybe in the future they will add a rocketteam, *cough*. villain?

me? nahhhhhh... just very resourceful like a slytherin. whew! we've made it to the end! i really hope that i can produce this reviewbefore the craze dies down, and that i can tear myself away from my cell phone long enoughto actually edit this review. honestly if you haven't tried out pokemongo, i can only imagine you need to upgrade your cell phone, or you're extremely cautiousabout mobile security.

so there's not much point to saying "yeah,go check this out". because most people already have. i probably would even had payed for a gamelike this, since it's free i had very little excuse, the only one would be that i don'tlike using up my data... but i can actually catch pokemon over wifi so that helps a bit,but i still venture out with my data. as i said earlier in the video, this app isn'tperfect, far from it... but until we have holo-lens-technology or real life pokemonrunning around, this is the best we're going to get. maybe it's a fad that will stick around fora year or maybe it'll die out as soon as i

upload this review... imagine how awesomeit would be to have seasonal themed pokemon. cubone is already dressed up for halloween!regardless, this was a step forward in mobile and interactive game technology,and i'm so glad you're all here to share it with me... *sob* furthermore regardless of all the con's tothe app, and the con's that we will undoubtedly hear about in the future, i think the factthat this game has encouraged people to get outside and explore their neighborhoods tobe an amazing feat and very valuable. pokemon go has even brought people together,i get a smirk every time i see someone walking down the street with their phone out,i'll give you a pickup line you can use in

public if you see an attractive fellow trainer,"why hello there, have you caught anything today? because you've already caught me." boom, drop the mic... or whatever is in myhand right now... so in closing i'd like to say, get out thereand catch some pokemon, but be careful, watch where you're going, have fun, play safe. as always, my name's atratzu, and i approvethis review! hey there, thanks for checking out my video! i'm fairly new to youtube and i'm trying toreview a large variety of games.

i don't have a capture card yet, but moreand more of my favorite childhood games are coming out on pc, so the number of games ican review keep on increasing. if you liked this review, definitely checkout my last review! last review was for elder scrolls 4: oblivion. also known by me as "elder scrolls of oblivion"because english is hard. don't forget to like and subscribe for morecontent!

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