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let me ask you this have you ever dreamed of creating yourown great game or application for the iphone or i'd had with no programmingskills in just four weeks and hit paydirt wicket in the apt store my name is mike and in the short presentation i'm going to share my mostclosely-guarded secrets with you be sure that this presentation won't bearound for a long time so watch closely while you can't

but first let me put the money where my mouth this let me log into my apple developeraccount in real time and show the latest sales okay here we are let's go to i'd to disconnect and loginto my account let me show you my stats real quick here we are take a look on the weekly trend ofpreamps downloads

thousands of downloads every week and it keeps growing looks great but how about pay taps let's check the latest report last payment sixty three thousandnon-fat rock and hear are the earnings by countries impressive numbers looks impressive

i bet it does but wait that's not all besides selling the absent gains youalso make huge money on the advertising networks such as at mop and ait adnetwork let's check out the latest revenuereports thirteen thousand one hundred seventeenu_s_ dollars during the last seven days not too shabby and that is from ads in reacts crazyisn't it

but now let me tell you the bubbly true it looks like i'm raking in money now but the truth is that it was not alwayslike that just six months ago i was completelystruggling i had no programming skills no team and no money the only thing i had was a great desireto create the game of my dreams since childhood i've always had a dreamto make it back

i was thinking my game over and over andover again during those sleepless nights imagining the characters and he rocks levels game play tricks eccentric does that sound familiar to you to be honest i'm a big fan of the ipod so i did not even consider the idea ofcreating games for anything else but the iphone or ipod but i was missing themain thing i had no team and no programming skillsat all

even worse i did not even have atechnical education over and over again i've been readingthe blogs and reports about the gold rush in the ap store where small guyslike you and me achieved immense success by creating simple but greatapplications or james did you know that dies from atopapplications part of the ap store are selling over thirty five thousand copiesa day thirty-five thousand if you sell your aper ninety nine cents

and get seventy cents from it afterapple commission cuts you're left with up your profit uptwenty four thousand five hundred dollars per day you can't live with that it's a good start isn't it this thought would not let me sleep well of course i did not live in the illusionthat i would get on top with my first apt you know me already

on the kind of guy who always wants to reach the stars so my target was to get into the top onehundred apts at least here is what i did i decided to take it would reallyseriously for spy bot all the books available inmy local barnes and nobles store and on amazon as well everything from by bone development fordummies to the advance expert stuff whole-body

that was a real headache to read allthat stuff it took me about three months alone toread all those books and you know wat after i tried itimplement the knowledge disappointed most of the printed books turned out tobe completely outdated you know what is a long process afteryou write a book it goes to the publisher stays in editing for weeks then theprinting office keeps delaying it again and again

then you need to distributed throughoutthe country to local shops except and if things change so fast once the ipod was released next year ona phone then on a phone three g s then i'd have than i've phone four the list goes on and out things change so fast companies printedbooks can even catch up most samples were outdated and neverworked for me

watched all bomber so finally after reading all this crap my head wasready to explode and i decided to take action my first game was supposed to bethe simple hiten object game where you took the screen to find thehidden objects i found out that these kinds of gamesare very popular among people and i figured out it is pretty easy tomake it you simply need several images properlycut into layers and a little bit of coding

getting a developer to help with applewas pretty easy so i went ahead and all pandit andstarted the development since i had no one to helping guide me i guess i spent three times longer thanaverage creating it then i actually needed to in about two months of sleepless nightsmy game was finally ready the approval process from apple tookabout a week this week of waiting was the most

frustrating time for me it felt like time itself stopped i got so nervous my hands even shock what if they disapproved of it i have read tons of horror stories aboutdevelopers failing because apple did not accept their game or delete approval formonths i could not even sleep i was checking myemail and dev account every minute to see the desired your cap was approved amessage from apple i was so noxious i even sent threefollow-up emails asking apple why it

takes so long don't do that guy's i heard you onlymake the reviewers angry if you display impatience finally i got approved and the salesstarted i went to bed dreaming about loads ofcash rushing into my pockets and can you imagine what happens all right miserably the next day when i checked my sales

i saw that devastating numbers sixteen copies sold total net profit nine dollars obviously not the kind of numbers i wasexpecting the next day eleven copies fed eight copies in about two to three copies per dayduring the next week after two weeks my total net profit wasaround

fifty bucks sounds like now i haveenough money to invite my girlfriend to make donald right what and epic failure and here is what creating a great abrogate is only partof the story the most important part is how to sellit successfully and get on top of the eps store sales that's what mostdevelopers are missing failing one after another in her effortsto lift their dream

they put alter efforts into thedevelopment and mr most important part successful marketing even the best at can remain totallyunknown if you fail to market it properly once i realized this i decided not togive up so is that the next six months makingthe comprehensive market research i contacted one hundred thirty five topapple maps and games developers asking

for help and advice as you may expect ninety percent of them simply ignored me but you know i'm not the kind of guy whogives up easily those ten percent who replied gave me knowledge you'd never find inbooks or on the internet i could personallymeet some of them and received the most valuable insider information on how thismarket works you can't imagine how it turned myworldview upside down

everything i learned before was wrong that's how comfortable burst keepinginformation from small guys like you and the so they can rake in money well we can even sell ten copies did youknow there is a list of elite developers who get fast approvals premium placingin what are we playing and other top ratings that benefits all thisinformation is a well kept secret for months so no surprise that bells ins andthousands of new developers to into the market fail one after another

while you get confused reading andlearning hundreds of ways of advertising your apt these guys use only a couple of waysthat really work and don't even waste their time on others where to advertisethe apt how to get traffic to the page july order paid reviews or not should icreate blocks do i need to make support forums for mygame should i make my ap freehand on money only by selling ads inside or is it better to get rid of that andsell the ap itself

all these questions could lead thenewbie developer totally computes and as a result on the road to total failure inachieving success in the apple store let me tell you this like tony robbinsonce said become the best by modeling the best find out what the best developers do anionic their techniques use their secrets in treks and you will become successful

don't try to reinvent the wheel use whatis already working don't spread out efforts on uselessstuff that takes up your time but never brings results and you know italready you've seen the proof before once istarted implementing these ideas my sales started to go up and op literally through the roof now my girlfriend and iare even thinking on opening our own mcdonald's on the franchise next yearwent up five hundred and six thousand dollar investment

and a forty five-day per year franchisefee so we can secure my profits in some real offline business maybe mc donald's sounds too crazy but if not mcdonald's i can't predictwill buy some luxury apartment on the california coast for sure but after all back i still realize that i only success tothe pew generous people among the top developers who decided not to ignore me and help meout

by sharing their valuable knowledge withme without it nothing could be possiblethat's why i decided to gather all my knowledge and resources and put up acomprehensive course unnai phone and i'd had development secrets my main goal was to make a fullmultimedia course but i can usually update on a monthly basis instead ofwriting the boring printed book that will become outdated even before itcomes on the store shelf secondly i wanted to make my course really newbiefriendly

the ever again expert authors are soproud of themselves but they don't even bother to explain the details for peoplewho are just starting out don't have any programming knowledge atall they also when you are at least inexpert in c_-plus plus before you start learning xcode and other icondevelopment stuff i decided to change this approachcompletely you know i had no programming skills atall when i started out so i don't expect you to know anythingabout programming you don't have to have any technicalknowledge if you can operate your iphone

in basic computer software that's all we need to start what does that mean to you well it meansthat you won't have to spend twelve months and tens of thousands of dollarsfiguring this out like i did more importantly it means you can start creating your ownapt or game today and making money with it tomorrow here is what my course is all about during the four weeks

i am going to take you by the hand andfollow through the whole process of creating your first at ordain i promise we'll do it the easy and fun way know boring theories no hard coreprogramming no useful stuff only practical information andstep-by-step instructions here is what we are going to cover inthe first week like i mentioned before i don't expect you to be expert right offthe bat so first of all we are going to coverthe great or idea of basic information

on how to start and apply yourselfindifferent areas of demand application development from creating your firsthello world application to developing your first game with cocoastudi toolkit did you know that koko's judy is considered one of the easiestways of creating good aps and will be the most used tool kit nextyear ual also discover how to create yourfirst wet application using i'd webkit and animated application using adobeflash see a spot we'll also discuss how to debug yourapplication and get rid of the box so you have all the knowledge necessary todiet into a more in-depth information

over the following weeks and like i said it'll be a painless in weeks two and three you will discoverdifferent by phone development tools starting from simple xcode toward an stop like coca studi and iwent kid secrets and treks let me warn you even at this may sound complicated

i put my information tutorials and samples in such a easily understoodmanner that you can feel yourself becoming anexpert even if you are a total newbie we are also going to learn that too manyand three d editing software for gay men at development and some sort of cheapkinds of software and treks for those of you who want to useadvanced off without wasting months on learning it that's why i call it

the lazy person's guide to success i'd just give what you really need anddon't waste your time describing stuff you won't never you s as a result of week threeyou will have your first game or application ready to go in the final week we are going to coverthe most important part of the story how to market your game and finally makemoney by selling it to me ap store trying to get the money rolling let's be honest with each other afterall

you want to make good box of its don'tyou i am prepared a lot of good updated stuff on how to market your gameand where to get the dirt cheap targeted traffic we'll also cover the most recenttrends in game development what shawn russ are popular now and inthe next year what are the best converting ways topromote the game today and next year what would you expect to pay for theproduct that finally shows you how to create your own at or game and startmaking money with it giving easy and fun way before you answer

holed up because there's more remember i mentioned that i got incontact with some of the best on its own developers out there and about theincredible knowledge i learned from them here is what i decided to do i created us special bonus report withthe interviews and secrets right from these great people and i'm going to give it to you as agift if u joinmygroup so what do you think would be a fairprice for the first to real time on a

phone and i'd had development multimediacourse that really works and makes you achieved the results given the incredible profitability ofthe active element that i've shown to you and all the great bonuses i'm going tooffer you six hundred ninety nine dollars would be fair however i won't ask you to give me six hundredninety nine dollars or even three hundred ninety ninedollars for that matter

think about it onion basically givingyou a year's worth of high-end icon strategies they could make you hundredsof thousands of dollars by ordering today through this video you are going to get instant access tothe whole lifeboat and i'd hire development course everything included in this deal as wellas the additional bonuses such as free video tutorials reports it interviewswith the best developers dedicated personal support for just ninety nine dollars

and that's one hundred percentguaranteed let me explain with this training your satisfaction is one hundred percentguarantee and i want to make this clear you are totally covered by my sixty dayssatisfaction no questions asked guarantee so if you don't love my course

all insist you take your money back huh i don't see that being an issue but i'd believe the last thing you wantto do is give this back when you start creating your cap or game but i do want you to know we've got youcovered and we got your back if you're worriedabout this so here's what i want you to do nowtoget instead access to the i've found dead secrets course click on the bigorange add to cart button below right now

and let's get started let me give you some interestingstatistics real quick there are four billion ab still loaded from applesand store currently over two hundred fifty million i'd it'dsalt i mean aunty phones i'd pods and i'dpads in total for everyone paid out there were twelvebrady downloaded aps which by the way you can use as well forgenerating of revenue with list building and showing yet

their over two hundred and fiftythousand approved deaths in the apple store and that top absent games areaveraging ten thousand dollars per day from dell models that's crazy if youthink about it now think about if you could be one ofthem and making huge money off of it well i've already been doing it for thelast six months as you know and i'm sure you don't want to miss theboat here and i really want you to realize howmany opportunities are out there so get ready soon you are going to be amongthose people who really get into mobile game development

this is like a vital to twelve years agobut you can use google edwards to bring traffic to your site people literally became millionairesovernight by doing the right thing at the right time and it's the same thing with mobilegames and apts now you really don't want to miss the gold rush of apts and gainsales so get ready for the ride of your lifeand i really hope my video presentation helped you get a prospective in yourhead up how big a mobile development is for you

and how much money you potentially canmake by selling your game or act the most important part is your desireto create i_d_ more apple georgia ream and make huge amounts of money byselling it moreover besides money you gain respect and recognition amongthe developer society who knows maybe you will become the next game off so click the magic orange add to cartvon bulow and get instant access to your personal member area with all thetraining

videos and bonuses so you can start creating your ownaberdeen literally today there is so much money and having yourown application and the reason people stay clear of a isusually because they think it's weighed too hard to start let me tell you something there's so many ways to start up yourown apt without any knowledge of anything ab related all you need is the idea that's the key

have you heard of i start with a personwho created it did not know anything about programming or at development atall they just had the funny idea and tookaction to make it real and now he's averaging about tenthousand dollars per day from this stupidly simple application think about it how is that possible vat is huge you see the great thing about it is thatonce or ap is in the arab store

it is exposed to millions and millionsof alright phone users and using a few easy tricks that i willshow you you contrive tons of dirt cheap traffic to it and it's like a snowball it keeps rolling and increasing in size each day why is it so great to have your ownafter game there are two different ways to go when having your own ac you cangive their gold up a drought when someone has to pay from ninety ninecents to ten dollars to buy your hair

the other way is the code of pre route most people don't even think of makingtheir pat free but there is actually less competition and that therefore you can make atone ofmoney let me show you something real quick stats has shown that if you have a threeap that gets into the top one hundred downloaded apts list in the apple store the owner makes between four hundred to five thousand dollars per day

you heard right per day that's a lot of money if you think aboutit it obviously depends of course where youare on the list that means at the least you'd be makingtwelve thousand dollars per month not too shabby for a free application on the other hand paid ups or a little bit harder but youcan make a ton of money as well with that

even more than with free apts in fact nelda questionnaires how the heck canucks three abt make aton of money most people actually miss out on thisbecause they don't understand how free apts can generate huge amounts of money get ready to be a mixed have you heard of mobile advertisingplatforms like add mocked by add in multi add phonics and others actually it is a similar idea topay-per-click ads from google edwards

advertisers are paying somewhere fromfive cents to seven dollars or even nine dollars per click to get their handsdisplays and where do you think all thesemillions of ads are showing up that's right in your free aps you get paid for advertising space inyour at it's just like having a popular web site people would want to advertise on yourwebsite as well if you get in the top one hundred listin the arab store

you'll average four hundred to fivethousand dollars just from having people advertising onyour apt you don't even do anything but created it's so izzy like placing a banner on a site and i will show you exactly how to do it to get started right now had your creditcard ready and hit the big orange button saying add to cart

you can access the full traininginstantly after the payment no shipping delays no hassles a whole multimedia course with tons ofstep-by-step tutorials and for monthly updates for a lifetime is ready for you and remember you are fully covered by my sixty-day noquestions guarantee it can't be better than this what printed book author will offer youthat as you can see

developing your own apt is a real way tomake huge money what is the reason most people willnever get into the apt is next the reason is most people will neverrealize how easy it is to make your own they believe in a minute that it is justway too difficult to start and you need too much money and toplevel programming skills for that well i'm here to finally get that out ofyour head let me tell you this developing your ownapt truly could not be any simpler than it is now all you have to do is to think of theidea and just start following my

step-by-step tutorials easy as that there is also a myth that you must havea super powerful mac computer to develop games what if you have no back and use thewindows based pc no problem at all there was no need to spend thousands ofdollars on the newest mechan puter you can start your development on thewindows based pc with the several easy tricks that i'mgoing to show in the course

will install special easy mac anuarwhich provides the fully functional development environment on your windowsbased pc now it's your turn hit the magic add to cart button below this is your last chance okay i'm going to shut my offer down nextfriday because i can't support only three hundred members in my group and idon't want my secrets to spread out on the internet so hit the magic add tocart but now and let's get started creating your first ap ordain i can'twait to see you in the training group

i can't wait to hear your successstories i can't wait to hear how you created the game of your dream and madeare tired of money with it like other guys for my group are alreadydoing you've seen the proof so go ahead hitthe magic add to cart button below and it will get you instant access to gofull course right now thanks so much for watching mypresentation and i'll see you at the other side still here sitting and waiting forsomething

let me ask you know how will tomorrow be any different fromtoday if you don't change ur life and missed out on the opportunity tolive the life u always dreamed up so hit the magic orange button below andget started today i really want you to do that i really want you to be a part of thistraining because all you know it helped a lot ofpeople already andy is going to help you

so line we could get started when you could literally access thisentire training program today and start using it right away remember all the risk is on me and it for any reason you are notgetting the results or striving to achieve just get in touch with me by phone oremail and i wont refund everything now it's your turn to develop your greatgame or cap and get it untill but the ap store

hit the orange button be low the videoand get started today and i can't wait to see you in the training center and i can't wait to hear your successstories so go ahead click the button below and iwill give you instead access to the most powerful my phone and i'd had developingcourse thank you again for watching mypresentation and i look forward to seeing you on theother side

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