pokemon go hacks hatching eggs

let's go now. i missed nz snorlax. i think it may appear again. 3 eggs are hatched now. oh onix. this one is good. come on guy! he wears the pants which he bought in thailand for sure. how can you know?/ 100% (last chapter) i ask foreigners here to watch 99.95.

do you think they understand?/ i think so. *lol* do you like it?/ yeah cool do you understand what we're trying to say? of course. this is so amazing. you should go shopping with her. i know that feeling. now we're at bike cargo. today is another day we're sick in nz.

and we can't walk up there to the mountain so we're gonna hire motorcycle. is this motorcycle?/ no hiring 2 bicycles for 50 nzd and gloves for 20 nzd. so expensive. best doesn't want gloves but i want. i can't go without it. it's freaking cold for me. or else i won't have enough energy to catch pokemon. we will go ro red woods. when you ride a bicycle, i suggest you to wear safety helmet and a glasses. because wind will blow to your eyes and you will get pinguecula when you're old. you will be for sure. my grandmom also so i must wear it.

best doesn't need more as he wears his glasses now. this is the pros of wearing a safety helmet. let's go. hey! view here is so beautiful. look at the sky! okay, we found nothing along the way and i don't think we will find any soon. but i think there must be a lot at red woods. while we're riding, we will play pokemon go as i think that the pace must be around when we run.

we won't use battery save because i have to record the screen. okay. let's go! transformer car? after we ride for a while, i found out that i got sore knees. i wanna say that many people like to ride comfortably right. but what is the right way to ride? your feet must almost touch the ground. when you ride, your legs should stretch and almost touch the ground. of your legs are bend, you might get knee arthrosis.

it will just be hard when your legs are on the higher position. that's right. in nz, you must wear this safety helmet or else you will be fined with high charge. they are so strict about this rule that the bike cargo corner warned us to wear it. and more importantly, brake is at the pedal. if you ride backwards, it brakes. so i don't find riding a bicycle here so fun. normally i like to ride backwards, so its sound will be like gag-gag. but i can't ride that way here.

let's go is there any pokemon here?/ no pokemon here. ok, that's fine if there is no pokestop here. maybe we will find some and there will be notifications. let's go up there. now we're inside. but they told me to.... oh bulbasuar! what i was about to say? i forgot *lol* oh, if you wanna go up there, you must pay $20 or around 500thb.

which we think that it's not worth our money as we won't stay here that long. and for the rest of the route, i'll show you. this is where we are now. do you see this stupid little circle here? this is where we are. and this is the way we can ride. so huge, like we will ride around one province. how can we do that? oh there is also eagle vs shark. how can they fight?/ such a cool name. there might be some rare pokemon. but i won't pay. we will just ride around.

clefairy's here. i think this is a nest for clefairy. great! gotcha! this is definitely a nest of clefairy. normally, there is a nest for each pokemon. i read from what foreigners wrote. they said there will be pokemon everywhere, with a random nest. so if we found clefairy for more than 2-3 times, it's their nest. if you keep playing around here, you will find more. so if you find miniryu for more than 2-3 times, it's their nest too.

so you can sit there and catch all day. someone told me if you use perfume, they won't come to us. so we will have to find the pokemon appeared there. about this one, i won't waste time catching it. i think we find another good view./ no i saw it and it isn't beautiful. that one is.. like a view which is beautiful from its back. beautiful natural korean view. do we have to hide the camera like this? no, we're not that lust but it's normal for men.

it's a compliment! isn't it good for them to say good things than bad things? beautiful from their backs. i can imagine they must be beautiful. if we have a clue to find it, we look at the map and find it on the right side of that gym. now we rode passed that gym already. and there is a blue gym. it should be around there. we have 6 minutes left. let's go back for pokemon. we have 4 minutes left. we're here and the gym is over there.

this is a gym. so we have to walk left to the gym. this is a better way to catch pokemon than do it at siam paragon. okay we almost reach it but we don't know where it is. ah, in front of us. go straight and we will find it soon. we found it, rhyhorn with cp 600. got this raspberry and i'm gonna catch you with ultraball. gotcha!/ great. cp almost reach the max but i'm not sure about its iv value. so i will think about it later. i'm more than satisfied now.

trees in red woods are so big. maybe you can't see how big it is from the clip. i will put my hand on to compare about the size. why?/ it's sparse inside. there is a spider web here too. i wanna take this to san. keep it in your bag./ look at its height comparing to human size/ so tall. it's so beautiful. if you have someone you hate, just bring him here and kick him down. i miss san again. i should bring her here and kick her down there. san bought this sunglasses for me so i'm kinda missing her.

if you have someone you hate, you can kick him here. no one is gonna notice as there are not so many people. people here greet each other every time they walk pass each other. it's so easy to do. a good way to make friend. let's try, hi! hello, hi i told you it's easy to talk to them. i will follow that foreigner. if you look on the left side... omg, this forest is so complex. he is riding with his dog. so cute. the dog's tongue is out as it's tired. the one who is riding is so good as his shape isn't that good.

we should go see some view. are we gonna get lost? now we're going down from the mountain. and before i go, let's check first if there is any pokemon here. huh??? butterfree. there is pokestop behind us. it's at the back of the red gym. let's go there. the red gym is with gyarados at the toilet right?/ yeah oh no, it's in front of the toilet. okay let's go to that toilet. let's open pokemon go again. oh it's coming.

ah i found it. i won't ket you go. cp241 and i don't care. i just care about if i can get it to fill in my pokedeck. it's so hard to catch though. oh i can't throw that far. both raspberry and ball are not quite enough now as we catch it all day without using pokestop. gotcha! gotcha! come on! i will mark it as a favorite just in case i can farm level it. let's go back to the city now as we don't have much time. oh i'm so happy.

now we gave back our bicycles to the owner and it's time for lunch as it's 2pm now and we have to catch the bus. mc donalds is what we found so often in the us, and also here. we found kfc for only one time in the first episode. so many mcdonalds branches and customers too, so we're going to eat... carls jr. let's eat carls jr., another fast food restaurant which has drive-thru. just that?/ yeah this meal is gonna be almost our last meal. so i will just spend on whatever i want in $26.5 which is about 600-700 thb

we got a lot. this burger must be so big. let's take a look. the box here is made from paper, not plastic. so good. what!!! wtffff/ can we save that for dinner too? i believe now that this is fast food city. oh.. so good. there are 3 pieces of chicken. best's order is served now. what's that? nacho bbq wtf this is so monster!

oh good. let's eat. oh this is so monster. i hate it now. let's zoom in. this is fried potatoes with salt. with mashed avocado, pickled chilli, fried pork with sauce on top of that. this is in one dish, not to mention about cheeses. oh this is too much. look at best's. i thought best is monster enough. ha can't finish it. how can foreigners eat it all? a guy asked me if i will be slim as i walked a lot in nz. this is the reason why i'm not slim. i order just 1/3 size of burger actually.

i can't imagine if i ordered full size. give me predator's bag. let's go. computer's bag is ready and camera's bag also. i got off at the wrong bus stop. this is mistakes for backpacker. i got off earlier than best. he is still on bus. he can't catch up, so it's only me who got off at the wrong bus stop. best is so smart. so i can walk for another 1 km for hatching eggs too. so i'm walking to the airport. so cold here. my hands are shaking!

if i got off at the wrong bus stop and found no pokemon here, i would be so disappointed. so i'm quite optimistic now. i have to go to international airport. now i've walked for about 20 minutes already. i'm at the airport now, waiting for checking in in 1 hour. look at my phone. luckily there is someone used lure. the red gym. if you're free, defeating gym is a good way. oh charizard. lots of pokemon here. why so cruel huh red gym? ice is not good for fire element.

let's go everybody! tentacruel won't lose. oh i forgot i don't attack ice first. this is so noob then. no worries. i think i can defeat him. omg charizard is so good. oh dragon claw. oh i won?! when there is a yellow bar, we can avoid it. but when we avoid, our hp is also decreased. let's go mega horn. i'm not scared of this one.

because i also have sparky. it's so fast. i don't use the right element according to the manual as i have to wait. why it is kinda powerful? oh my sparky is gone. ok electabuzz next, lighting element. why it's so powerful! you should dodge man! we're gonna end our pokemon guy the series here. we should end because, first we have no point now. second, i gotta go back to thailand today.

maybe i will continue playing in thailand. but i have to end the series in nz part here. i will summarize. if you ask me if it's worth, maybe not that much about money i've paid but it's worth experiencing in nz. and i'm also sick and got a cold too *lol* this is riding way of... *sneeze* you should not be sick in other countries. especially in the country where you have to pay a lot like this. playing games has 2 sides. you can't blame this game like it makes someone die or it's not good right?

so those who produce guns should be blamed too right? it kills people. so why don't you blame guns instead of games? games are like scapegoat then. there are many pessimistic perspectives about pokemon go in thailand. i won't blame. but i will focus more on adults' brains what they think about this issue in next clips. there are reasons of thinking like this. i know because i study about psychology too. i studied hr. so we will focus on that. yeah, see you again next clip. bye! thanks for my partner phone samsung note7 and video-editing tools acer predator17 malay airlines that their flight attendants' facial expression are quite unsatisfied.

those freaking foreigners who reconneded me pokemesh, i might be banned when i go back to thailand!backpacker's bed which is so comfy with only hot water, not warm water birds, rats, ducks which are always there for me to catch even though there are a lot in thailand too.thanks for myself for this crazy decision which makes this series become true. san, who i wanna kick her down to the hill all the time.mafia-like circle glasses. many foreign friends i met; jelle, jc, emily, timmy, george, harold (i random their name as i can't remember) thanks samsung note7 again and also predator17 thanks my parents who understand what i do even though they don't help me pay even 1 thb i'm an adult now i don't have to ask for money, yet i still want it. and thanks you guys, every subscribers that you always intensify me when pokemon go was launched in thailand.- the end of the series - * hae* thanks everyone who is always there with me in a part of this journey.

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