pokemon go hacks how to get any pokemon

pokã©mon omega ruby and alpha sapphire arefilled to the brim with legendary pokã©mon from past games. but the process of makingthem appear can be quite lengthy and obtuse. many times, it all depends on which pokã©monyou have on your team and when you approach the new mirage spots. however, it should benoted that there’s no quick way to make the legendaries appear. changing the 3ds’sinternal clock to the correct times will actually lock them away for 24 hours so you must stickto the time that your 3ds is set for. with all that said, load up on pokã©balls and let’sgo catch some legendary pokã©mon. the first is completely impossible to miss.you will receive either latios or latias during your adventure. it happens while travelingalong route 118 where you come across steven

stone. during the conversation, either latiaswill appear in omega ruby or latios will appear in alpha sapphire. they’ll take you to anisland to rescue the other. once you do, the rescued legendary will join your team. thesame can be said for groudon and kyogre. they will appear in their respective games in theirprimal forms during the story. just make sure to save beforehand as this is your only shot. heatran can actually be encountered at anypoint after the showdown with either groudon or kyogre. return to route 120 and surf tothe scorched slab. if heatran is available to catch, you will run into flannery nearthe entrance. make your way to the bottom of the cave to find a mirage spot. enter itto challenge the legendary pokã©mon.

either ho-oh or lugia can also be found afteryour encounter with groudon or kyogre. ho-oh appears in omega ruby while lugia can foundin alpha sapphire. the process to make them appear, however, is the same. travel to thesea mauville off route 108. on the deck of the sunken ship, you’ll come across a manlooking for a scanner. head inside and use dive to explore the depths. the scanner isinvisible, but you can find it on the right side of the basement. return to the man, andhe’ll ask you to give it to captain stern in slateport city. after talking with stern,he’ll give you the key item that you’ll need to trigger ho-oh’s or lugia’s appearance.return to the sea mauville and search the ship for a mirage spot. enter it to challengethe legendary pokã©mon.

while playing through the new delta episodethat takes place after defeating the elite four, you’ll come across rayquaza. in orderto continue the story, it must be caught. even if you make it faint, you’ll get anotherchance. you’ll still want to save before challenging it though as the battle with deoxyswill take place soon after. the battle, and the chance to catch it, serves as the finaleto the delta episode. once you have the eon flute, you’ll be ableto soar in the sky. place either ho-oh or lugia in your team and soar near rustborocity. a landing point called the trackless forest will appear. enter it within the firsttwenty minutes of the hour, and you’ll receive dialog hinting at the presence of raikou.touch the mirage spot to initiate the battle

with the lightning legendary. return to thetrackless forest under these same conditions between the twentieth and fortieth minuteof the hour. you should receive dialog related to entei. touch the mirage spot once againto challenge it. finally, repeat this once again between the fortieth minute of the hourand the start of the next hour to unlock the appearance of suicune. challenge it at themirage spot to complete your legendary dog collection. the process of the unlocking the regi triois just the same as the original ruby and sapphire. first, make sure to have a relicanthas the first member of your party and a wailord as the sixth member. also, have pokã©mon capableof using the moves dive and dig. ride the

correct set of currents on routes 132, 133,and 134 until you come to a calm area that you can use dive on. follow the path untilyou reach a patch of light near braille markings. surface into the cave and read the braillenote at the very back wall. afterwards, use dig and a passage will appear. go through and read the braille at the veryback once again. a series of earthquakes should occur as well as a message saying that itseems doorways have opened. return to the surface and travel to the desert ruins onroute 111. in the bottom section will be a newly revealed cave. read the braille messageinside then go two steps right and two steps down before having a pokã©mon use strength.this should open a new passage. on the other

side is regirock. next, you can find regice’s cave. go toroute 105 and surf to the far left side. you’ll find a small island with the newly revealedcave. inside is another braille message. stand completely still until the path opens up whichshould take around two minutes. on the other side is regice. then go to the southwesternedge of route 120 and climb the stairs to find the next cave. go inside to find anotherbraille message. read it and then center yourself in the cave and use fly. this will open upthe passage to registeel. triggering regigigas’s appearance mightbe one of the most obtuse things in the game. to do it, place the regi trio on your teamand make sure that regice has a nickname.

if you didn’t nickname it to begin with,go to the name rater’s house in slateport city. then give it an item that improves icemoves like the never-melt ice. travel to pacifidlog town and talk to the girl in the northeasternhouse. she will give you vague hint about all of this. then go back to the island whereyou caught regice and enter the center of it. if you’ve done everything correctly,an earthquake will occur and regigas will appear to challenge you. in order to trigger mespirit’s appearance,you must have three pokã©mon on your team with max happiness. then soar over sootopoliscity to find a landing point called the nameless cavern. if you enter this area between fouro’clock in the morning and 8 o’clock at

night, you should receive a message hintingat mespirit’s presence when you enter the cave. touch the mirage spot to challenge thelegendary pokã©mon. repeat this process in order to get uxie to appear. however, it hasa much more limited timeframe of capture; only between 8 and 9 o’clock at night. thefinal of the trio, azelf, is found the same way, only between 9 o’clock at night and4 o’clock in the morning. once you’ve captured mespirit, uxie, andazelf, put them in your team and soar toward dewford town. you’ll immediately see a largetear in the sky. enter it to face off against palkia in omega ruby or dialga in alpha sapphire.this same tear also holds giratina, but the only way to make it appear is to have bothpalkia and dialga in your team.

to find the swords of justice trio, soar nearpacifidlog town in order to find a landing point known as the pathless plain. make sureto have three pokã©mon on your team with maximum effort values, which you can increase throughnormal battles or super training. here you’ll find a mirage spot at the end of the path.enter it to challenge cobalion on sundays, wednesdays, and fridays while virizion can be fought on mondays andthursdays and terrakion challenges you on tuesdays and saturdays. reshiram can only be found in omega ruby whilezekrom only appears in alpha sapphire. but their appearance is triggered in the sameway. make sure to have a level 100 pokã©mon

on your team and soar near mauville city tofind a landing point called the fabled cave. inside is a mirage spot where you can challengethe legendary pokã©mon. kyurem can also be caught, but it won’t appear until you haveboth reshiram and zekrom on your team. once you do, soar near fallarbor town to find thelanding point known as the gnarled den. inside will be a mirage spot containing kyurem. in order to find either tornadus in omegaruby or thundurus in alpha sapphire, you must have a castform on your team. once you do,soar toward fortree city in order to spot a black cloud in the sky. approach it to challengeyour version’s force of nature. landorus can also be caught but only if you have bothtornadus and thundurus on your team. return

to the spot where the black cloud appearedbefore in order to challenge it. finally, finding cresselia is a complete matterof luck. each day, a different mirage island will appear on the world map. these containrare pokã©mon and other items. one of these islands appears south of ever grande city.it contains a mirage spot that leads toward cresselia. it seems to be incredibly rarethough. as of creating this guide, the island has yet to appear for me but keep checkingevery day and it should appear.

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