pokemon go hacks how to get pikachu

felicia day: i don'tknow, dude. i just want this to end,i could literally play this game for days. at the beginning, i hated it. this is awful. this is the awful. now i'm really into this. this is actually gettingkind of fun, actually. ryon day: [inaudible]

felicia day: [inaudible] hi, i'm cubby. i'm a dumb [bleep]. hey. ryon day: hey. felicia day: lookat my cubby mug. ryon day: look atthat [bleep]. that is a cute face. felicia day: i know.

he's pretty above average. i took him to the beachfor the first time. he moved at above a walk rate. i actually have some footage. check him out, he'slike a gazelle. he's running-- lookat that shit. ryon day: not slow motion. that's actually the actualrunning speed. felicia day: true story, i tookhim to the dog wash, and

they labeled his leash "tubby."oh, by the way, it is geek week here on youtube. there's awesome, awesome,awesome stuff celebrating all things geek every single day. we're going to have exclusivestuff all week. so please tune in. and by the way, i'mfelicia day-- ryon day: ryon-- felicia day: day.

he's my brother. or our mom thought that buyingus a pc was better than ever having a console because workwas going to get done. ryon day: so instead, we playedpc games instead of console games. now we have to get used to thetiny hands controller. it's very made for-- felicia day: tiny littlechildren's hands. my hands actually fit aroundthis very well.

to celebrate geek week today,ryon and i are doing something we've never done before. we are playing-- a pokemon game. ryon day: "pokemon snap." felicia day: we'regood snappers. it's genetic. true story, i never playedpokemon, too. ryon day: i hardly knowwhat a pokemon is.

felicia day: we're going tolearn all about the things that we've never known about,and that's what geekdom is. ryon day: we're goingto catch them all. we're going to catch them all. i think that's whatwe're going to do. felicia day: actually, it'sthe opposite of that. geekdom is all about knowingabout subjects that you love. so we're doing the oppositeof what we should be doing for geek week.

high five, yes! ryon day: we're going toprofess ignorance, yes. felicia day: yes. ryon day: that was reallygood high five. felicia day: i know,it was solid. i just got the swing. swing. ryon day: that was good. ok, let's play this [bleep].

this is like a palette cleansecompared to all the-- felicia day: sega games. ryon day: oh, this is the kidfrom the cartoon, right? i don't know anythingabout pokemon. ryon day: yeah, i knownothing about this. felicia day: i know that it'sabout animal enslavery. and that's why i'venever tried it. ryon day: that's true. it is about mankind'ssubjugation of nature.

felicia day: it's basically-- exactly. it's the video game equivalentof cock fighting. ryon day: it's likecock fighting. felicia day: that'swhat i just said. you weren't listeningto me at all. ryon day: i never do. i never do. felicia day: so we havea show together.

ryon day: ok, so that one. i know that one. that's pikachu, i think. felicia day: how doyou know this? you collected themall, don't you? ryon day: i? felicia day: why is he chasingit with a tractor. that's not cool. ryon day: collect them all?

is that what you thinkthe tagline is? felicia day: collect them all. hey, nice. ryon day: you're seriouslygoing to sit here and type out anus? all right. anuss. felicia day: anuss it's anuss. ryon day: it's anuss.

felicia day: it's anuss. ryon day: all right,angry anime guy. felicia day: hellothere, anuss. ryon day: [laugh] i wonder what [bleep] two-year institution givesout pokemon degrees. felicia day: i'll teach you howto take pictures in the first course. ryon day: no, just syllabus.

just give us the syllabusand let us go. felicia day: let's go. is this-- ryon day: are we collectingthem all? felicia day: no, is thisa two-player game? because we shouldn't be playingthis unless it's a two-player game. ryon day: i don't know. oh wow.

this is pretty-- felicia day: z to aim? ryon day: z to aim? oh, z, right there. felicia day: oh, [bleep]. this is like hunting. ryon day: this isa hunting game. felicia day: thisis like hunting. ryon day: try to take a lotof pokemon pictures.

felicia day: dude, is thisa two-player game or not? is this is two-player game? ryon day: did you see thattwo-headed [bleep]? oh god, that's gotto be a pokemon. oh look, there's [bleep] catch him! oh god, you're the theworst photographer. felicia day: he's the cutest. ryon day: holy crap.

you're drunk? felicia day: it's not easy toturn around in this thing. ryon day: wow. oh, that's better. felicia day: is thata pokemon? ryon day: that can'tbe a pokemon. that's like a fly. although what counts asa pokemon, really? felicia day: i don't know.

any animal that canfight each other. ryon day: there's someone onyoutube screaming the name of that one at the screenright now. felicia day: they havea tattoo of it. ryon day: whoa-- felicia day: what is that? ryon day: just stickthe camera in his junk, why don't you? look at that.

felicia day: who's that guy? whoa. what the [bleep] is going on with that guy. he's sleeping. ryon day: i don't think thati can [inaudible]. felicia day: this is nevergoing to end, guys. oh, basically it'sa countdown. i've got to take 40 pictures.

there was one. oh right, go right. wow. well, professor, you didn'ttell me what a pokemon looked like. so i just took picturesof every [bleep] thing i could. [inaudible] check. felicia day: 40 pictures.

hey professor, what'smy grade, [bleep]? ryon day: professor, cani take this pass fail? wow, now you've got to pickout the cream of the crop. felicia day: this is awful. this is the awful-- ryon day: pick out thecream of the crop. really be discerning. pidgey? felicia day: i choose this.

ryon day: i chooseyou, pidgey. felicia day: ok, toprofessor oak. ryon day: wait, ispidgey a pokemon? so just a regularpigeon [bleep] bird? felicia day: i don't know, dude,i just want this to end. ryon day: boy, after-- felicia day: this is nota two-person game. who the [bleep]

picks this game? ryon day: a while, ihave decided to-- felicia day: doo doo. z get-- dude, we've got toget out of here. it's a professor oak. ryon day: oh god, look, just-- felicia day: i hate this. ryon day: send him an email.

tell him you're sick. ask for an extension. it's fine. butterfree. felicia day: butterfree. 19 pictures. ryon day: so wait. felicia day: ok, we have toget one of each [bleep]. ok.

ryon day: all right. felicia day: every single one. ryon day: that's-- sohe was a pokemon. felicia day: ok, good, see? ryon day: is thatthe singular? pokeman? felicia day: pokeme? ryon day: pokemae wouldbe the plural, right? felicia day: i don't know,just keep going.

ryon day: all right, we'regoing to show butterfree. look, you might not care aboutyour academic career at pokemon university. but as for me, i know that ifi'm going to get a job with this degree, i betterhave a [bleep] 4.0. felicia day: oh, there's one. that one's usable because-- ryon day: lapras.

felicia day: oh god, i'm sobad at photographing. felicia day: pidgey? ryon day: nice. felicia day: you areso into this. ryon day: how's the size? professor oak! are you offering mea better grade? felicia day: you're ruiningso many people's childhood memories right now.

for real, professor? felicia day: pikachu. let me see. this is pikachu. ryon day: look at that perfectrule of thirds composition. right there. felicia day: i did,it was artistic. it was artistic. just-- can you scroll forward?

how is the-- why does he keep asking that? how is the size? ryon day: we've got to go tothe dean or something. felicia day: this is so weird. can i just say that right now? this is weird. felicia day: oh, he doesn'tlike an artistic framing? ryon day: he doesn't likethe rule of thirds.

he wants, like, the most inspidpossible framing. felicia day: that's horrible. i know. that's artistic. who picked this game? ryon day: this is the best-- so far, i'm getting intothe zone on this. felicia day: i can tell you aregetting into the zone, and it's frightening.

butterfree ryon day: butterfree. how's the size? felicia day: can we pleaseget through this section? ryon day: oh, god, how's the-- whoa, we have to do this forevery single one of the shots. felicia day: wait, anuss,let's return to the lab. ryon day: now, was thatgrade on a curve? or what is this?

59,060? felicia day: it's probablyout of 100,000 points. ok, whoa, he doesnot look happy. he does not look happy. ryon day: i saw the picturestaken by anuss. felicia day: i mean, the wholesegment is made by-- ryon day: ok, i'llhelp you out once you have more pokemons. felicia day: is this literallythe game, is we take pictures?

ryon day: all right, we haveto look at the report. let's look at the report. what have we got? felicia day: i don't wantto look at the report. ryon day: what have we got? come on. look, if this is going to be ourcareer, we have to [bleep] publish or perish. felicia day: can we pleaseget out here?

what was the best shot? ryon day: that waspretty good. felicia day: i mean, i guess. pidgey is, like, center frame. he loves that center frame. ryon day: yeah, see look. the professor is repeatinghimself over and over. and we have to politely nod. like, this is a really goodcollege simulator.

i'm going to take some [bleep] photos here. all right, how do i do this? oh, look at that. felicia day: z and a. z and a. ryon day: boom. boom. felicia day: no, no,you're wasting. is that.

you don't want to eatevery pigeon. you don't eat every pigeon. i'm going to take real photos. ryon day: oh, give me sexy. turn around-- showme that ass. that's, just like that. just like that. oh, try poke. give me sexy.

felicia day: this is weird. come on, butterfly. felicia day: dude, thisis so disgusting. ryon day: gimme sexy. gimme sexy. felicia day: i'm going to makethis a multi player game. i don't care what we do. ryon day: all right, come on. felicia day: comeon, frame it up.

frame it up. give me a pokemon. ryon day: oh wow, that'sa scary [bleep]. felicia day: i don't knowwhat that one is. oh, oh, oh. ryon day: come on. oh, what up? did you see that? felicia day: no, ididn't see it.

i was busy. why is this happeningright now? this is the most surreal-- ryon day: oh, what are you? hi, buddy. oh, wow. felicia day: oh,what was that? i got it, but it was blurry. [bleep]

show me your face. ryon day: show me that[inaudible]. that's right. see now look-- my academic career is offto a great start. all right, 25 pictures. felicia day: i took 40. ryon day: oh look atthis, sly dog. felicia day: dude, that'sa high score.

that's a super high score. ryon day: he's lookinga little bit naughty. innocent but naughty? felicia day: yeah. ryon day: yeah, all right. oh-- felicia day: look at that. look at his wide open mouth. ryon day: yeah, look at that.

hmm. felicia day: hmm. ryon day: hmm. ryon day: i liked theother one better. that's just a movingpiece of [bleep]. ryon day: that's good. moving piece of [bleep]. ryon day: all right,professor oak. felicia day: oh baby.

ryon day: i did-- felicia day: look at him. he's watching you. ryon day: oh, that's creepy. felicia day: posing. ryon day: right. that's right, see? felicia day: that postwas excellent. how's technique?

right in the middeof the frame. that's what we likes. ryon day: doubled score. felicia day: he loves tomarginalize you and basically take pictures by numbers. how's the size, anuss? how's your doo-doo'ssize, anuss? ryon day: what? felicia day: wow, it'snot very good.

it disappoints pokemon to bephotographed from behind. ryon day: i think that dependson the pokemon. felicia day: ok,look how good. how could you be betterthan that? ryon day: but it'san ass shot. and pokemon are apparentlyvery, very-- felicia day: don't like to bephotographed from behind. ryon day: yes, 10 points? felicia day: not very good.

what the [bleep]. ryon day: wow, thatmust have been-- i was practically up[inaudible] if it's only 10 points. felicia day: kangaskhan. ryon day: kangaskhan. ryon day: what is withthese names? felicia day: i don'tknow, man. i don't know at this point.

i like doo-doo. ryon day: doo-doo, yeah. all right, tunnel. felicia day: no, it's my turn. i want to take pictures. ryon day: all right,second semester. you're hitting a stride. felicia day: all right,i'm totally. ryon?

ryon day: get it, there's one. holy [bleep]. what is wrong with you? did you really? felicia day: where is he? ryon day: wow, he'sright there. are you drunk? felicia day: i don't likeyou guys from behind. get over here.

turn around. ok, right in the middleof the frame, right? whoa? ryon day: whoa, what happened? felicia day: did wesee see a murder? ryon day: he died. you saw a murder. that's going to getdouble marks. this is where the gametakes a dark turn.

are we catching them all? oh look, there it is. look, that's different. oh, we was in a differentform. felicia day: yeah, whenyou press the z. ryon day: take it now! felicia day: i [bleep] one. it was great.

i need more variety. the professor doesn'tlike [bleep] repetitive [bleep]. oh no, that's it. oh, [bleep]. ryon day: all right jack's,job well done. felicia day: cubby. i know that we're playingwith other animals. ryon day: whoa, look at that?

felicia day: what areyou doing here? get out? [inaudible] i love you. ryon day: whoa, the murder. felicia day: you're pretty. you're pretty. whoa, what? ryon day: i saw a murder.

i witnessed a murder. felicia day: i did not see it. i cannot supportyour testimony. ryon day: i witnesseda murder. felicia day: cubby, do youwant a picture of you? professor oak wouldcall you a 10. you'd get thousands. all right, bye. ryon day: all right, whathave we got here?

felicia day: just [bleep] hurry it up. we've got to move on. ryon day: all right,let's do that one. felicia day: youdo the tunnel. ryon day: let's go to thelong dark tunnel. felicia day: make anybodyturn around for you. ryon day: turn around! felicia day: no, come on.

ryon day: oh, murder. felicia day: i don't understand the physics of that. what the [bleep]? no, get the-- that is not suggestive. it looks like a corn dog goingthrough a corn hole. felicia day: all right,you're out [bleep]. you're out of it.

maybe the professorwill edify us. that's a word. ryon day: no. felicia day: no. ryon day: oh, look at that. felicia day: that one. felicia day: that might be thebest picture you ever took. ryon day: wow, that's awesome. all right, what do we got?

felicia day: electrode. that's like 90% of the frame. he'd better. felicia day: all right,he loves it large. he loves it large. ryon day: ok, oh man, that-- felicia day: dude, thismight be your highest score right now. ryon day: oh, there'seven more.

felicia day: it's so-so? that was the most-- ryon day: all right, ok, good. we're good. felicia day: no, i don'tknow what you're talking about, dude. that was the best picture ofa pokemon i'd ever seen. there's a lot stuff goingon in this frame. felicia day: there's a lotof stuff going on.

ryon day: naughty. naughty. felicia day: so-so. how's the pose. it's trying to go underground. ok, [inaudible]. why is that a bonus that it'strying to go underground? i could literally playthis game for days. ryon day: oh, offto a good start.

yeah, off to a good start. doing better than me. oh, three of them. five of them. oh, ok. oh, he'll love that. felicia day: he'll love it. ryon day: oh, that is creepy. felicia day: what do i want?

i want a better pikachupicture? ryon day: than me? not possible. felicia day: i don't thinkyou can get it. ryon day: get it. oh, wow nicely done. felicia day: there's got tobe something over here. i mean, this is the mostsparsely populated course i've ever seen.

right? ryon day: of all the courses. all two you've ever seen. felicia day: all two courses. and these electrodes-- why are they not? all right, whatever [bleep]. now this one. ryon day: that's actuallya really good.

felicia day: thisone right here. yes, we're going to goover the top with-- look at this. you couldn't get better. you could not get better. he could use that as a headshot for hollywood. how's the technique? right in the middleof the frame. ryon day: that's hardly whati would call right in the

middle-- wow, professor'sgoing senile. felicia day: much betterthan the last one. ryon day: oh well. felicia day: yeah, ijust [inaudible]. ryon day: that's probablythe best. felicia day: i wonder whichone looks better. ryon day: i got action shot. yours is just standing there. felicia day: yeah, because--

ryon day: i'm not saying thatyours was terrible. but-- felicia day: it's stillphotography. action is better. 1,000 points. how is the pose? 900 points. it's very nice. 900 points better.

much, much better. this has become the bestco-op game of all time. look at this shit. you're [bleep] blind over here. you take the picturesat good pace. make your work easier. ryon day: oh, wow,what do you get? felicia day: takingpokemon pictures.

would you like to be closerwith pokemon? ryon day: oh, what kind ofphotos do you want me to take? felicia day: ok, so thenthey could [bleep] turn around. just lure them in. would you like some candy,mr. pokemon? felicia day: feed thewild animals. this is a good thingto teach children. ryon day: i'm going to throwsome apples at some [bleep].

see what happens. felicia day: don't wasteyour apples. oh, it's it for the apples. waste your apples. ryon day: infinite apples. felicia day: get him up. ryon day: wake up, fatty. felicia day: wake up. are you doing, sleeping withthis free food here.

what? the apples aren'tdoing anything. it's like they're inanimateobjects. how is this better? ryon day: wow, i don'tunderstand what this is supposed to be doing. felicia day: they're not eatingany of the apples. ryon day: i'm going to seeif i can [inaudible]. he moved.

felicia day: wow, you got one. take a picture. take a picture [inaudible] get with it. ryon day: hey, [bleep]. there we go. felicia day: take a picture. ryon day: whoa, the littlebaby one, too. get out of the air.

felicia day: you're makingthese animals so unhappy. you are littering their wholeworld wiht apples, which they clearly don't like. what's going on withthis game? oh there, get the fish. get the fish. mother [bleep]. i'm sweating. ryon day: let's do this.

this is [bleep] exciting. ok, i'm really not happywith anything i took. felicia day: oh, there you go. ryon day: that's like[inaudible] kmart. felicia day: right there. literally, i wantthe backdrop. ryon day: you can see thewaterfall background.

that's all i need. felicia day: no, i got you. ryon day: all right, whathave we got, prof? oh, that is the bestphoto of a pokemon that's ever been taken. felicia day: no, he'sliterally like-- he'd better love it. felicia day: he's balls-wide,it's all great. ryon day: this angry shotis pretty cool.

felicia day: you gotstyle points. finally, style points. ryon day: wow, that is almosta perfect pokemon. felicia day: all right,awesome so-- ryon day: there wasa hidden path? felicia day: in the tunnel. in the tunnel. ok, get in the tunnel. ok, oh be ready.

he doesn't like it. oh god, he killed him. you [bleep] killed him. you're going to misssomething. felicia day: whoa,take a picture. ok, crack that egg. crack the egg. ryon day: he's eating.

it's cute. felicia day: oh, finallysomebody [bleep] something. where is the secret entrance? oh. whoa, that was good. that's going to top. ryon day: that's going to be--yeah, professor's going to over that one.

felicia day: they don'tlike eating. oh, look, that's agood one, though. that's angry. felicia day: oh god, good one. you just owned it. whoa, what's that? what's over there? you just turned the tv on? he's really entertainedright now.

try that one. ryon day: all right, i'm goingto entertain both of them. felicia day: head shot. ryon day: whoa, that wassomething special. felicia day: we justaccomplished something. ryon day: wow, i justkilled something. that was cool. felicia day: that was alook of first kill. ryon day: and jack was neverthe same after that.

after his first tasteof murder. yeah. felicia day: that was good. kanuka is [bleep] tight. ryon day: a little stilllife with apple. it's good. felicia day: adorable. ryon day: that is somenom-noms right there.

felicia day: no, i thinkthat's way cuter. you've got to take that one. ryon day: uh, sure. felicia day: come on, wehave another course. let's wrap this up. i'm just sweating. ryon day: all right,back to the prof. felicia day: back to the prof. felicia day: kanuka, that one.

ryon day: that's a great. felicia day: amazing. come on, pikachu. ryon day: see, look at that. felicia day: i mean, iwould pick that one. felicia day: better. ryon day: just barely. felicia day: barely. ryon day: wow, he really hasthe eye of a [bleep]

philistine, doesn't he? felicia day: compromiseyour artistry. just go. compromise. ryon day: no, can't do it. one more. felicia day: my turn. no, no, i get to to do it. ryon day: yeah, yeah,god, me, me, me.

felicia day: oh, i've just beenwatching you play for like 45 minutes now. ryon day: well, that'snot the point. felicia day: whoa, volcano. ryon day: sending a studentinto harm's way. felicia day: let's do it. ryon day: is this is institutioneven accredited? or is this like devry? felicia day: it's like devry.

it's a kind of online-- it's a trade school. it's a trade school. there's nothing wrongwith that. ryon day: oh, get it. get it! felicia day: i got it. ryon day: throw applesat it, too. throw some apples.

the horses like apples. felicia day: oh, they do they. they [bleep] love it. ryon day: what are you doing? felicia day: i'm tryingto get this one. ryon day: oh, doubling it up. oh, horse on horse action. felicia day: come on.

turn around, you dicks. oh, jesus. ryon day: you have theeye of helen keller. get it, get it, egg it. [interposing voices] felicia day: whatjust happened? wow! ryon day: get it,get it, get it. felicia day: it's likeronald mcdonald just

went on an acid trip.. oh, look at that guy. ryon day: oh dude. that was pro. ryon day: that wasa good picture. felicia day: oh, you'reout of film. all right, so i've gotto mark this up. i have to say, that oneis pretty good. ryon day: oh, there we go.

front and center, boom. and you [bleep] try to best me. you do it. there was a lot of [bleep] going on there. right, boom, out of the thing,there's a horse in my face. so-so, you-- ryon day: it's just i don't careabout your shit photos.

felicia day: what areyou're talking? you know what, you talk reallybig, but be ready. all right, you are doing good. i mean, you havea steady hand. oh, get the guy. oh nice, technique. ok, be ready. be ready. i'm just going to givethe warnings.

that's cool. he just got born out of fire. he's not going to turnaround for apples. ryon day: oh, wow. there you go. felicia day: oh god, ok, fine,fine, you're going to beat me. that was good. felicia day: i hate you. ryon day: i return in triumph.

it's ok. felicia day: i hate him. ryon day: this isn'teven a multiplayer game, you sick [bleep]. felicia day: oh yeah. ryon day: look at thatprofile photo. is that good? felicia day: he loves profile. use that one.

ryon day: oh that'seven better. that's better too. felicia day: it's not better. i can't decide which one ofmy better photos to show. emerging from the lava? and another pokemon? felicia day: no, he doesn'tlike multi-pokemons. get your [bleep] together.

have you not been payingattention to any? ryon day: how about that? felicia day: that'spretty good. ryon day: i think i feelpretty good about this. felicia day: all right,you are better. you had the benefit ofgoing through the course watching me. rapidash's picture-- ryon day: oh that'spretty close.

felicia day: all right, let'ssee, how is the size? ryon day: oh, i thinki'm good. i like the size. how's the pose? oh, it's neighing. felicia day: you got abonus for neighing? that's bull [bleep]. ryon day: i say, yay,not nay, to that. how's the technique.

felicia day: double the score? ryon day: i would have tosay, i firmly want-- wow, the vulpixes. the vulpae. ryon day: wow look at that. look at your littletiny photo. it looks like you took it withthe iphone there, and i got the big camera. oh, wow, ok, that's good.

felicia day: it looks happy. ryon day: just rocking. it does look happy. felicia day: happy bonus. was that after you hitit with an apple. ryon day: wow, look at that. wait, i just want to callyour attention to the-- felicia day: you got a-- ryon day: mine is worth about15 times more than yours.

i just want to call yourattention to that. wow, mine just keeps coming. felicia day: why does he needextra practice-- just because you're existing? ryon day: this is good. size does matter. felicia day: how'sthe technique? good stuff. felicia day: you awful person.

you are awful. ryon day: good stuff. felicia day: all right,charmander. last one. ryon day: oh, mine was onlya bit better than yours. oh twice as good, actually. twice as good. felicia day: it's twice. ryon day: oh wow.

felicia day: i mean, whyif it looks happy, does he get a bonus. why not sorrow? ryon day: i don't know,but look at that. felicia day: why can't yousell, like, sorrow. oh, finally, pose, 50. it disappoints the pokemon to bephotographed from the back. ryon day: oh, you know, even ablind pig finds a truffle. felicia day: i suppose.

oh, mine's better. look at that shit. eat it. you can stick that [bleep] thing up your ass. well, we could go on, but i saythe journey of acceptance with this game-- ryon day: self-acceptanceof just knowing your place in the world.

felicia day: being educatingyourself. ryon day: the naturalorder of things. felicia day: turning a singleplayer game into a competitive co-optitude game. what lessons did i learnfrom this game? i learned that it's ok toexploit mother nature for your own selfish ends, and animaltorture and cruelty isn't so bad, after all. felicia day: i learned that youprobably don't want to go

to college on an island in themiddle of nowhere with only one student and one professor,it seems illegitimate. and that, pretty much,size matters. ryon day: size does matter. bye! felicia day: can you name methe pokemon after that experience? ryon day: oh, pikachu,that's one. felicia day: pikachu, but youknew that one before.

it was nice. i mean, i you see themin the wild. and you see that, hey,nature isn't pretty. felicia day: it'snot all cute. ryon day: pokemonfeed on pokemon. it's the circle of life. felicia day: so i guess thatwould be one thing that i learned about pokemon. it's a harsh world.

but when you're basically-- ryon day: it's not likea disney movie. it's like-- pokemon gotta eat. and pokemon eat other pokemon. felicia day: yeah, that's it. my favorite one was-- i liked the idea that i couldput the egg into the lava, and something came out.

that pokemon's name was-- ryon day: magma pegasus. felicia day: it wasflammamagma. ryon day: flammamagma. felicia day: flammagma. it was. ryon day: bye.

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